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Deliberate and unconscious masked agendas

Ruthless Use of Missing Malaysian Airliner Reinforces Globalist Memes - See more at:
Ruthless Use of Missing Malaysian Airliner Reinforces Globalist Memes - See more at:

The Daily Bell points out the inserting of global warming propaganda into every kind of news article - including the missing Malaysian Jet

Ruthless Use of Missing Malaysian Airliner Reinforces Globalist Memes

While there are 'ruthless' pursuers of a private self interest, that use any ruse to get wealth and power (as they define it), there are many more who have accepted the belief in man made climate change as an extension of man made pollution, exploitation and blind greedy selfishness in all his works.

When a view is accepted that validates judgement of an evil in another - or in this case ourselves collectively, it breeds a self-righteousness - especially when the other does not agree with one's persuasions. A superficial rationality is soon abandoned for more 'effective' measures - as the goal is used to justify the means.

Whenever a goal is used to justify the means, a masked personal agenda is distorting and filtering perceptions and interpretations such as to only allow those interpretations and communications that 'support' the cause. Thus communication is lost to coercive intent. And indeed the mechanism of denial that is inherent in such a dynamic is immediately projected onto those who 'will not listen' (agree).

That a campaign was uncovered to be operating as a kind of propaganda war rather than scientific endeavour may itself have been a reaction to meeting a propaganda war from vested interests in countering anything that was believed to threaten those interests.

But clearly, whatever issues of climate are involved - including our degree of influence, issues of consciousness have coloured and distorted them so as to make it difficult to discuss and debate in a simple willingness to listen.

I see this issue as being 'science on trial' - for Science Itself cannot be guilty of anything - being simply a tool - but the manner in which it is practiced or subverted is of course open to being fitted to masked human agenda - whether the opportunistic manipulations of deceit, or that of unconscious archetypes of the split consciousness in fear, guilt and projection.

Science is liable to vanity and arrogant blindness as is any human endeavour, and just as tacitly communicated collective self interest can fuel a financial bubble of unreality that then crashes to misery, so too can a world view - considered real in its day - come crashing around us to reveal that we were deceived in ourselves.

It is true that there are those who choose to initiate or guide and harvest from deceit - but to rest in such perception is a convenient truth for the continued evasion of the uncovering of one's own personal agenda.

Change is the only constant - even change changes! And by it does Life reflect unto Itself.
When we fall asleep in meanings that we defend against change, we become suckers to our own scam - and of course invite others to join our 'party' at both ends of the 'food chain'.

I have a globalist goal here that I wish to share - and that is for global well being. I feel that this is never going to be as a result of enforcing any agenda on anyone - but of course force is part of the spectrum of our communication and necessary in maintaining conditions in which harm to self and others is limited such that better ways can be discovered.

But coercion operating through a mask is the 'same old story' of a fearfully disconnected blindness that we all know in ourselves at one degree or another.

I appreciate being able to discern the archetypes and symbols of consciousness in the world that I used to think was separate from my consciousness experience of it. I feel that learning to see the world in terms of our underlying definitions and beliefs, is a key to rewakening at a creative level which polarised struggle denies us.

If we personalize the issue, we lose the capacity to speak truth to 'power', and inevitably act in ways that feed the conflict rather than reveal the true issues beneath it. Primate Change is not only inevitable - but is not brought about by the presumed primacy and power of primate consciousness - but rather through its disintegration as an effective mask.

In the experience of 'loss of control' any and every attempt is raised to try to regain one's mojo - or even a semblance of power and control. These are destructive and frustrate true functionality. It is a terminal decline in terms of the ability to avoid transformation. Change we will - whether gracefully or with much wailing, woe and gnashing of teeth!

Because the carbon idea was charged with the fear idea, it became real enough for technologists to align a movement in response to its call. Not all of this is evil intent but may be barking up the wrong tree!

Alignment with our true being - as consciousness responsibility, inevitably includes an intimate relationship with our environment and each other - because we have accepted such intimacy within ourselves - and not otherwise.

One can learn to recognize the coercive elements of any interpretation or communication from the checkpoint of a free consciousness. Free to be what it is without coercion of guilt and fear and all their progeny. Regardless of the degree of man's influence on the cycles of change that are inherent to our Living Earth - I reject the element of coercive fear and presumed but hidden guilt. For I see these as the 'deceiver' - not that it is a person - but that it will personify and seem to validate its dark and dissonant premise, with reflected personal experience.

Thank you  - as ever - for the opportunity to speak into a shared attention.

Ruthless Use of Missing Malaysian Airliner Reinforces Globalist Memes - See more at:

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