Sunday, 23 March 2014

Consciousness machinery and creative expression

When robots take our jobs, humans will be the new 1%. Here's how to fight back

From assembly lines to highways, the workforce is becoming more autonomous. Good thing we're still smarter than machines

My comment on an article on humans being replaced by machines in the Guardian :

There is a sense in which our essential humanity is ALREADY replaced by a mechanism - and we are thus already 'operating' within a conditioned virtual reality.
The phrase 'the quick and the dead' is like as to the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law - for the former is a machine and the latter a living relational discernment.
By looking through the mechanism-lens of a rationality that is itsef the result of conditioning we 'see' a mechanical 'world' that not only reflect our rational models - in part - but also reflects all the supposedly irrational aspects of our consciousness at levels we perhaps are hardly - if at all, conscious of.

The mind of technos is a subset of creativity - that has become as if disconnected from the source of creativity and a power unto itself - or in its own right. The Faustian pact is one of giving up the unifying presence that one is, for the apparent capacity to add to or extend one's power OVER.

As long as this seems to offer meaningful escapes, solutions, or delays to the conflicted struggle of a split identity, it will be invested with the qualities of Life that are OURS to give. We then become dependent on what we have in a sense created by wanting it true. But Life in all its rich meaning is still yours to extend or give - because you are the Life - regardless of what your beliefs condition you to accept as your reality.

That robot thinking has already 'taken over' humanity is not new as a psychological insight - but few are willing or ready to look at our own consciousness in action rather than somewhat exclusively operate within its virtual reality.

Look within is a Universal wisdom that 'thinking' cannot use or make sense of for 'thinking' is the device that maintains a constant ever shifting and compelling distraction from looking within.

Consciousness is the elephant in every room, that is so tacitly disregarded as to have become almost always invisible - and what is permitted through the filters of defence is subverted into a terms of control.

This 'mentality' is not the Life beneath the play of constant change, nor the Light of true awareness nor the Way of giving as we receive. It is an 'imposture' that once we see in ourselves, we can wake from 'fearfully driven mentality of getting' to true relationship.

If we choose a mechanism of transaction in place of true relationship we trade in a living communication through which Life Knows itself ever anew, for a sort of false self-protectionism.
Love extends naturally through those who first accept it for themselves. The attempt to have power over Life brings fear and guilt and self-invalidation.

So much of our aspirations are to make life work better within such a prison rather than awaken from it, because we are afraid - and afraid to confront and become curious of our fear. So much so that we call forth the machine to protect us from such exposure. Yet this machine, born of the desire to hide fear can just as well be redefined and repurposed to serving communication rather than coercing it, in a desire for reintegration to the Whole-Souled being that we still are - regardless of the cast, the props, the make up and the script.

If we do not accept our 'consciousness responsibility' we let a preconditioned fear-thinking determine the choices we make as to who we are, what our place and purpose is in Life and our part in it.

So far, many of those who have uncovered directly of the creative level of definition and belief have tended to choose to use it for purposes of control - and have thus become deceived within a layer of distortion imposed upon what is already Moving as the unfolding experience of one unto itself. Trapped as it were in our own definitions and in fear of losing our self - our power of control - to a Life that we have forgotten how to recognize and flow with as our own.

We each make choices that directly effect our experience and our communication into the whole - but know not what we do. When the blind create mechanical systems to solve their limitations, they redefine unfaced responsibility into disguised solutions that redistribute and propagate the 'problem' into ever more complex limitations.

To be on purpose in the most conscious and conscientious meaning of the phrase, is to exercise unified will in place of indulging the fantasy of coercive power - which always invokes fear, guilt, anger and attack. And which demand a tyrannous dictate to protect against unleasing or being exposed to; the politics of terror.
Personally, I see the beast rising up from the deep such that we WILL make a CONSCIOUS choice as to who and what we choose to be in relation to our world-consciousness  - AS IT IS - rather than within false choices that serve to deceptively short-circuit our true conscious decision.

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