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Insanity : War on Life

An alarming title "Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it" at

Comment to the article:

The 'battle for humanity' is perhaps a negatively framed phrase for the desire to overcome or be free from negative and destructive elements to our well being. Apart from choosing to eat things that are unhealthy, it is becoming clear that toxins are added to food production and supply without any justification along with other attempts to own and control our 'biology' as well as our mind.

I have been arriving at the same conclusions - which I did not see before because I could not have believed it.
There are levels of psychology or self reinforcing mentalities that operate in this. Becoming aware of this within ourselves is key.
The 'zealotry' of the mentality that embodies as such self-hate and destruction is inherent to egoic materialism; to a sense of fearful disconnection within a hostile world that is experienced as unlike and 'other' to you. This is NOT You! Accepting it as your self is destructive unto your awareness of your wholeness. The rest is - as they say - history.
Though there may be examples of this mentality in the world, the temptation to hide our own fear by hating and opposing them can leave the false root in our consciousness so as to sabotage and deceive us in what we believe is right.
It should be noted that everyone has a justifiction for their acts - and others tend to reinforce and validate our judgements.
The answer to a false or deceptive and destructive experience of self and world is to pause or STOP! - and Go To The Source at once. This has meaning at all levels - including our diet - but not excluding our honesty of being.
The runaway mind is off the rails. It has ever been so - but its divorce from the heart can no longer be hidden and the raw insanity leaks out.
It is deeply disturbing - but the answer is NOT to go to the mind to answer the problem of a disconnecting or segregating mind! But to breath and trust and feel through the layer of apparent compulsion to connect or indeed be picked up - by the Movement of one's Being. This is the context of your Health. But it is the context and guide and not the acceptance of the guide. You have to be willing to let your Life back in - even though you have become stranger unto yourself.
For sure there are various spiritual and metaphysical teachings that may serve - but they often accommodate to the guilt-separation of their day. Today, now, let there be no guilt-separation between you and the Source of Life. It is destructive to your peace, to your relationships, to your experience of sharing in All That Is.
If we made a faulty choice before, then we are still in it! - So to own it, is the way to come back into the power and freedom of choosing anew.
Honour your belief structures while they serve you, incremental real steps are solid gains. Grand gestures evaporate when based in egoic confidence.
What we cant immediately change, give over to a greater trust rather than let fear use it against you. Anything that undermines your sense of value within yourself, reflects that world back. Consciousness responsibility is a steep learning curve, but it only applies to your living Now. Choosing Life does not focus on what it does NOT want!
Recognizing insanity for what it is - IS a real awakening, for that which sees, is at least partially Sane. True Sanity is not defended against Life - but at rest in the fullness of its Movement. War on Life is the inevitable outcome of a disconnected self-survival, because you can not BE disconnected from Source. But that you make a mind unlike your Source Consciousness - and believe it - will be your experience because you choose it.
What we are not perhaps aware of, is the power of the re-integrative movement for healing. So long a slave... There is a joining in light that the fearful cannot mimic - nor be aware of. What is the light but our original awareness prior to being masked with the thinking of a loveless world? It is and has always been you - and always with you. Use fear wisely, or it will hide you from yourself.

Reply to another comment: (Referring to references that took Zionist propaganda at face value)

Yes. Check out. The gassing was a delousing procedure not an extermination. False food supply also has a correlation in false 'history'. 'Victimhood' is one of the most powerful devices for deception. A parasitical mentality uses whatever host it can take over and operates a deceit which believes reality is death and so temporal power is its god - and all else is its subject in death's name. It is a kind of thinking that is exemplified in much of the Talmud, which is not religious but "the lie and the Father of the lie". Note that 'Jew' is not a racial term - for Eastern 'Jews' are not Semitic in origin, and adopted Talmudic Judaeism many centuries back. Allowing for disinfo - this can be easily uncovered. Specialness segregates and divides. To be a 'Chosen People' ought to mean - Choosing to serve all. Not chose to 'lord it' over all.

Who seeks power but the powerless who feel they have been unjustly deprived or denied?
(Worldly) Power corrupts - and once corrupted will work through the whole as a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' - or 'trojan'.

The war against Life (in the name of the god of death) is firstly upon the mind. Who controls the mind seems therefore to be 'lord'. To control the minds of others while they believe they are exercising freedom is to be able to cause your 'enemy' to turn upon himself and war brother with brother, while seeming but to offer protection and support...

Another commenter says: "May the Lord save us"
May a transcendent Unity reveal and restore true relation in all things. May we therefore release our own blinkered vision in willingness to more honestly see.
The obstacle in mine own mind shows me a world where the fault seen in my brother distracts and seems to relieve me of the responsibility to accept my own healing. It justifies my hatred and powerlessness. My victimhood becomes my 'self' and attests to my power to withdraw and withhold from Life.
Healing is like walking and waking out from a nightmare. Once we accept negative and limiting definitions of our self in place of what we actually are, we become ever more complexly entangled in our own struggle to be what we are NOT!
The presence of love and life is known through extension, sharing, radiance, giving. Whatever the forms we are presenting, the real communication is either of an open presence or a withholding in judgement. Love or fear. It is always a choice, but our minds have become confused one with the other. So yes - reach out to the connection of a higher or awakened Consciousness that is not absent - but forever unwilling to violate your choice - even when you choose self-hurt and suffering. Love waits on welcome, not on time.

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