Friday, 21 February 2014

Poisoning the food supply - guard your own Well Being!

The comment that inspired this article is at the bottom of this post

If the concept of 'food supply' expands to include everything that you are receptive to and take in by using it to act out from, then this puts your responsibility to your consciousness at the centre.
Our core beliefs and self-definitions work beneath our normal surface mentality as distortion filters. To a negatively polarised consciousness, all things can be defined awry, such as to make war and conflict and struggle, pain and loss desirable, meaningful and defended against healing - or against change in which such identity made out of conflict, feels threatened.
So there are collective insanities that are embodying as various symptomologies in society, as they can also be seen in the body.
No one is doing anything to you without your permission - Ultimately... but to make sense of that fully requires waking up to Who You Are - and not limiting yourself to the surface waking mentality of the personality structure. But in general terms one can awaken to consciousness responsibility - that is awaken from victimhood, and reconnect with the Living Now in place of a control mentality of conceptual substitution.

The appearance of doing unto others and being done to by others is based on complex interactions of mutual definitions and agreements, BUT the truth is that the situation has all the meaning YOU give it. So you CAN unsubscribe from loveless definitions and play a different game - a self-honouring game that naturally extends that same value to others - whether they play loveless games of not!. For there is only One in All, and we are All in One. That is what we forget when we play disconnect from CAPITAL C Consciousness.

We all grew a self and world view in which we felt some adaptation and security within the flux of life experience and at some time we go through fandamental shifts that are deeply disturbing and yet part of a process of deeper (consciousness) integration. So one can only use the language that one has, and others can only read through their current filters - YET the capacity to discern is of a self-honesty that feels something true or resonant with one's being - even if one does not understand it.

I've been playing God's Advocate with you - I thankyou for your perspective because it opens the mind rather than feeds reaction.
If we relate with what is genuine in ourselves it HAS to reveal that same in others - if if there is also confusion in the forms and vocabularies through which it expresses. This is the Holy Spirit - if you will. We can force or effort or manipulate genuiity - because we are already genuous to our Source. We just have to stop getting in the way of our own natural communication.

Common sense is wise to persist in until something better comes along. The disturbance of the article here is not in its claims but in the revealing of man's hatred upon himself. We all have a share in this - mostly suppressed to unconsciousness. It is if your will a core component of the 'Great deceiver'.

If you are One self - can you BE at war with yourself? Only if first you divide the indivisible and agree to turn away from your Knowing in order to experience yourself differently than you ARE.

Of course though I share this with you it extends to whoever alights upon it and finds there own resonance of heart and mind... as one.

Below is the comment that invited my response above:

Wow, a lot in that article. Thanks for the research. As usual, though, there is a lot of mixing of facts with theory and conjecture. So let me play a little devil's advocate

1) You can't link all of our social problems to our food supply.
2) The causal link between chemicals in our food and adverse effects to our bodies is very difficult to prove, especially if it happens over long periods of time
3) Just exactly who is it that is doing this to us? (and what do they eat?)
4) is it intentional or is it out of greed and short-sightedness?

Not to say that you are wrong but when you exaggerate or get on your soapbox ("mass insanity", "escalations of criminality", "near total loss of rational thinking among the voting masses") you lose some of your credibility.

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