Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Security scams and snooping hacks?

Snowden's released information on snooping - which can hardly be trusted not to be used for economic espionage, and high profile hacks such as the recent Adobe - (many of which are not publicized), as well as schoolboys, criminal gangs and foreign governments - suggest that anything digitally stored and accessible can be in one way or another accessed or leaked if the price is right. The price being the cost of bothering along with the value of the hacked asset.

And on the other hand, security 'experts' are only to ready to promote a fearful confusion in which their services or products are required.

Being so dependant on digital resources is hardly the 'free' website to promote your business to millions that was once touted. Nor is the constantly changing environment of devices and systems and protocols one in which to reap the economic and productivity bonanzas, but yet another monkey on our back that taxes us in not only our cash but in our attention capacity and our time-perspective.

Unless of course one is one of the many who have been disenfranchised by the technology and systems that now emulate it as human 'relationships'.

So much of 'progress' is the default persistence of patterns of thinking that no longer fit.

Our conflicted consciousness creates extensions of itself (the Internet of Things) that perpetrate the ancient conflicts of secret self interest at the expense of the whole.

It would seem that one cannot ultimately guarantee digital secrets, but one could perhaps institute a Net that was transparent such that the caller ID was not secret or able to be hidden regardless of rank, status or function. No one really is attracted to this because they cant conceive of not being hidden or secret in their thought and intent, and have every sense of others abusing or stealing or penalizing them for their acts or assets.

Our own consciousness appears to be able to keep secrets from itself no less than our body politic - as is witnessed by 'psychological defence mechanisms'. These issues are rising up in our new technology whether we like it or not and I don't know that the genie can be put back in the bottle!

Issues of integrity and trust are at the very foundation of our sanity - and society. Especially of course in a context in which deception is everywhere and real communication lost to propaganda or simply drowned in noise.

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