Sunday, 20 October 2013

Will machines ever be able to think?

Will machines ever be able to think?

This BBC article promoted a brief consideration of Consciousness and 'machinery'.

If you can accept that Consciousness in its raw or native sense is all pervading energy that informs and communicates or harmonizes itself in all that it expresses as manifest and self-aware reality - then what we call consciousness is already in a sense an instrument or machine in which a 'portion' of a greater 'mind' explores its creative expression. To mimic the programs of our lower mind will not really make 'alive' but if we give our consciousness to them - they will be an outsource of our own. To let the Living be self-aware through 'machinery' requires all of the elements of consciousness to be received and communicated. That is both Feeling and Thought. The Feeling or intuitional knowing is not emotions, which are merely thoughts that limit or distort the Feeling dimension. Our current 'split off mentality' from Feeling tends to seek to replace Life with a model of mimicry (and gimmickry!) and of manual usurpations and interventions. Because the Feeling Consciousness is 'upstream or beyond the focus of a conceptual focus, it cannot be witnessed or demonstrated within the terms of a physically focussed consciousness - excepting to note the difference in the quality and reflection of one's own consciousness experience and relations.

The question 'Why?' is meaningless at the level of the meaning of existence - but is absolutely pertinent to the level of consciousness expression because to go forth and multiply what one does not love, enjoy, or appreciate truly... is to create a world of deprivation, isolation and conflict - as can be readily observed.
So the primary basis of foundation of choice or decision is not the responsibility of programmed thinking!

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