Sunday, 20 October 2013

The shift of power

Energy price hikes 'inexplicable'. The Archbishop of Canterbury has slammed the recent energy price rises saying that they look "inexplicable."

Companies are not reckoned by law to have moral obligation and exist not as personal entities but as systems of making profit. The idea of market forces achieving balance falls apart in any monopolistic dependency and is only a small facet of a complex system that has largely developed from manipulative thinking rather than of serving the whole.

Blame and shame is part of the mentality of manipulative thinking - and if a large enough emotional reaction were generated, companies might indeed be influenced and also new legislation made law - but trying to balance off separate and conflicting interests is no way to 'balance' because it is being applied to, or imposed upon the system by force.

For every action there is an opposing reaction. But the action within the wholeness is called a 'shift' because it is an awakening from an expression of false premise and undesirable outcome, to a unified expression of willingness and intelligence.

How we organize our society is not dictated by those who fear to lose their apparent wealth and power over others, it is dictated by how we think!

Now thinking is made out to be an ineffectual wishful thing - not unlike imagination. With no power to effect change - unless one is ingeniously capable of devising complex financial instruments for the financiers of such manipulative intent, or any other specific intent to manipulate via the interference in discovered mechanisms of causation.

But 'as a man thinketh in his heart - so does he perceive' is no less true now that ever - for the unified power of thought and true feeling is the basis of all experience of existence.
"How will that keep you warm?". Well for a start it will shift you from a self protective dumb-terminal, easily managed and manipulated, to a greater awareness of what and who you really are - with everyone and everything, rather than apart from it.

We can often come to recognize and appreciate what resonates true, by first opening an experience of what is not. Think 'true' here not in lofty definitions but in terms of truly worthy of wholehearted commitment, appreciation and gratitude.

The 'church' has lost its voice if it speaks from within the cage that modern thinking has 'put it in'. Perhaps I could have said 'within the prodigal trough!' - not in blame - but in recognition that there is always a payoff for our choices - regardless of how hidden or disguised they are as our apparently but not very conscious agreements.

Fearful insecurity and rapacious racketeering go hand in hand. The answer is not war on evil (sigh) but a profound commitment to an honest self accounting. Call out the behaviour by all means - but in a way that elicits an opportunity to shift.

"Shift Happens!"

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