Sunday, 20 October 2013


Tesco's Secret Weapon In The Christmas Android Tablet Wars

Tesco look to dominate a tablet 'Christmas'. Hudl up around a fake tree and get some entrancing sweeties. Not that the device itself has any major drawback - but the models that are driving the market are the effects of a consciousness of our time.

Yes, Microsoft demonstrated the power of marketing Windows. Apple redefined it in their comeback as a cool device/ecosystem/identity. Now almost everyone is offering ‘Apple’ presentations and displays as their own grab at mindshare.
Mindgrabbing is the name of the game in an emergent informational proprietary.
Who controls or owns the mind owns the game…
But I feel this new (dark?) age of management, manipulation and milking all things for simply more wealth and dominance will be a surprisingly short one.
meanwhile the dealers are giving out sweets and cheap highs – and it is an exciting time to be alive amidst what would a while ago have seemed magical powers – as long as your device is charged, connected and not hijacked or hacked by terrorist states or criminal corporate interests or teenagers with identity issues.

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