Friday, 20 September 2013

Papal Bull?

The Pope says you do not have to believe to go to Heaven.

What is conscience? The voice of guilt? Apparently so for many. Choosing within the mind in guilt does not open the eyes to Heaven - to a unitive and shared reality.
The inner guidance that discerns the true resonance of your being is the voice for truth. Of course only honesty can discern it. Sooner or later, we all come to a point of being worn out of all the other options... and then the voice for truth reveals what we truly want.
A Pope does not give anything you do not give him first. And anything he or anyone says will not have effect unless it is something you are opening to or believing in your own heart already.
Believing in the heart is different from conceptual camouflage. Anyone can make a mask and invest it with belief - but our experience is the fruit of what we each believes in our heart - which words cannot really contain but only point toward.
Denying the heart is the mind's attempt to protect itself. Wake up to that it does not speak the truth of You.
A true Spirit of helpfulness cannot work as 'divide and rule' and so is truly unifying. The harmony of true relations is 'Heaven'. But to uncover this in one's own awareness must first be true to oneself.
Sacrificing for 'others' is another way of using them for disguised attempts to feel better within a false framework of identity. It is pointless to 'try' to be what you are not as if what you are is unworthy. If you exist you are worthy of existing or else you wouldn't exist! Love's awareness is the 'birthright' of all.

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