Friday, 30 August 2013

Pausing from reaction

MPs rule out British assault on SyriaGovernment motion on action against Assad defeated by 13 votes

I am pleased to see that that which seeks to manipulate by inciting reaction has had to pause.

To pause from reaction allows a space in which an honesty can rise to awareness that otherwise is kept at bay.

An honest perspective may seem unaffordable to vested interests and masked agendas - particularly if the promise of gaining advantage or of mitigating loss is believed credible.

But an insane perspective is no perspective at all.

If it seems to be the only view available, perhaps one has yet to pause from reactive thinking and listen in the heart. Honesty and discernment are felt in the heart, but emotional reactivity is a manipulation of the mind as if to usurp a unified perspective.

Though at root the dynamic of deception is simple. It spawns complexities of entanglement in conflict that cannot be solved within its own framework. This is also seen in the financial 'system'.

The mindset of division, blame and self-righteousness is embedded in human consciousness as a conditioning, but it is not native to Consciousness Itself.

Who can pause of their own thinking can open to wisdom.

Not in subjugation to another's will - but yielding in trust to the true power of life.

So yes, I am saying that what we take as our thinking is a deception, and that we need wake up, by pausing of its programming and noticing what is active currently.

Or stoke the fires of opinionated identity in reaction and to hell with it?

We all have a choice, because we ARE all choosing in every moment, to use it.

A sense of righteousness is compulsive to the one that fears their own illegitimacy. But at the deepest level, we are all complicit in the 'sin' of putting our own thinking above that of love's awareness now. So much so, that very few will be able to pause reaction to this so as to hear its message.

As long as we love to hate, and love to fear - so long will the insanity and pain of war blight our lives. Not just in wars of bomb and bullet - but war as a perpetual and accepted NORM of relations with ourselves, each other and our world.

I would that love's honesty rise in everyone and make no exception. For if I say that 'so and so' does not deserve love's awareness, I attack myself.

To say NO to an unacceptable behaviour, may well be a direct expression of love - but the presence of integrity is what is actually communicating.

Where is our integrity? Is it not the basis of our sanity and trust in ourselves and therefore each other? Is it not the resonance and quality of our communications as well as the forms of meanings that are conveyed?

Humiliation is feared and avoided with lies that lead to more lies. Yet a moment's honest reflection can shift to a true humility - and here is integrity that does not lord it at another's expense. It always starts now - and it is always a responsibility of thought and intent, now.

Pause itself isn't an answer, but in it, the desire for answer can be lived as an expression of trust. Not in the terms set by the problem - but in one's true relation that is NOT defined by the terms the problem sets.

Our surface minds have been conditioned to war - but our true mind is not what we have covered it with - and so can be UN-covered - unless we persist in warring so as to maintain a NOT knowing in which to seem to exercise 'self-will'.

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful 'drilling to the core'....