Friday, 30 August 2013

Life as Gift - and NOT as Grab

To hunt Osama bin Laden, satellites watched over Abbottabad, Pakistan, and Navy SEALs

Classified documents published Thursday by The Washington Post reveal new details about the U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.
The U.S. commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden was guided from space by a fleet of satellites, which aimed dozens of receivers over Pakistan to collect a torrent of electronic and signals intelligence as the mission unfolded, according to a top-secret U.S. intelligence document.

When the possibility of real communication is usurped by using it as a weapon of war. When information, true or false, is leaked or planted by design, when events are set up or staged to manipulate reaction... then sanity has been lost. Now anything can mean almost anything and no one can verify. Even exposing web sites may be planted proxy methods to associate exposed truths with crackpot presentations.

The polarities that seem to war each other are both on the same 'side' in that both are seeking mindcontrol through guilt, fear, self righteousness and deceit. This mentality does not connect to anything real except to deceive those who WANT to be protected from the exposure of their own powerlessness, inadequacy, illegitimacy and frailty - AS SET IN THE TERMS of the deception. Nor does a mentality of manipulative intent care what or who it uses and discards in seeding its own agenda - THAT HAS NO POSSIBILITY OF ACTUAL FULFILLMENT, but which guarantees its employment into perpetuity.
Steal a kingdom and they call you a king; 'steal' the minds of others and they call anything whatever you decide they will call it - AND call themselves FREE!
Whilst I expect there is some truth to the technological capacities indicated in the article, there is undoubtably great chaotic dysfunction and incompetence. BUT the 'Wizard of Oz' WANTS to be seen to be all seeing and all powerful so that the lost old man in the curtained booth can continue to play god with his levers. Power corrupts because we none of us ever REALLY HAVE IT! - Excepting the power that communicates, resolves, unifies, heals and awakens a true-hearted awareness of Life as Gift - and NOT as Grab.
Everything expresses its foundation. Unless we challenge a false one, we shall not uncover the true. None can choose for another, but to give one's power to others is not to lose it - but to believe it lost. For what is given can be as easily withheld, simply by pausing from reaction and becoming undefended to honesty.

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