Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shock Jock mocked

(Alex Jones disrupts BBC talk show)

Alex Jones is willing to disrupt social protocols with alarming and alarmist warnings. The self-seeking can ONLY see the same in others. We all interpret and perceive wrongly and react from error when what we WANT to be true displaces honesty. This paragraph applies to each and all involved including those who watch.

The real conspiracy is a mentality of self-seeking that actively suppresses or distorts communication if it is felt to be threatening its interests. This takes different forms at different levels. In our own mind it may be a convenient fiction that denies an inconvenient fact, but at the level of corporate powers that have corporate investments and effectively ARE the power of the day (that governments are essentially supported and guided by), the stakes are felt too high to allow truth to interfere.

Mostly, the sheep remain inside their pen - and this refers as much to the so called 'elite' shadow leaders, as to anyone else. Disrupting the status quo seems dangerous. Look at the Middle East. But the status quo is no less dangerous as it becomes divorced from an accountability or honesty that it neither allows nor participates in.
Trying to manipulate outcomes via coercive and hidden means is part of human consciousness until it is brought to light and invalidated.

Now it may be that those who exert power as if on 'our behalf' believe that what they are doing is for our good, in our best interest - or the least of evils to choose among. But they are not in touch with reality but with the trappings of power, with that which speaks to power what it wants or is willing to hear. Power corrupts, and those in positions of trust have a responsibility to themselves and us to not use it to become addicted to its delusions. And citizens likewise a duty to remain free from the addictions of unconsciousness in passive acceptance of loveless, coercively marketed conformities that serve the denial of our true presence.

Presence is life that shares and shines and communicates itself. It is not to be controlled, but trusted, lived out FROM and discerned or received in others - especially when there is confusion.

The rules of reaction recycle the past: 'Divide and rule'. When the past stretches out behind and seamlessly extends as the future, the present is sacrificed to its screams and dictates of guilt and fear. And so the Creative Spirit seems denied while stuck in a loop with no escape. Never shares the Movement of rest and recognition, honouring and gratitude; a '6 day week' that never knows its alpha and omega - and pervading meaning. 666 recurring is the number of the automaton!

Is it not time to move on now? There is no meat on the bone and the game is grown old. To live out from Presence is not coercive upon life - nor upon elites. But it has within it the capacity to refuse entry to that which would undermine integrity - and to give witness in presence to presence as one - for the outer forms themselves are not in themselves the issue, but the meanings our mind accords them.

Alarm may serve awakening, but fear and guilt shut the mind down. Discerning is in the heart. Abide in discerning and grow it. Controversy is the bait of distraction from the movement of our true presence. Hold your ground. 'You're worth it!' And therefore so is everyone else.

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