Sunday, 9 June 2013

Secrets and lies, masks and spies

Oh yet another foray in the light of 'trust me, only the criminals and terrorists have anything to fear" from a blanket surveillance by forces that are unaccountable to anyone but themselves and whose interests are their own and not our own, and who are increasing associated with attempts to take away the power of civil liberties toward a mass managed existence by whatever is at the top of the pyramid!

- - -

Control-mentality is a mindset called tyranny regardless of the masks it uses to establish itself as 'protector'.

And it 'seeds' the very reactions that is purports to protect from - because it is not a process of communication that grows trust but a coercive intent that hides behind a mask.

If you want to look - be seen looking and be accountable as to your business. Then, we all have the means to look but not without being seen to be looking. This has some merit in my mind, but I don't know if it is technically feasible.

If being looked at registered - ie was NOT secret, then no one could look without a touch. This is only a germ idea - but is echoing a quality of one mind.

Our own mind has 'secrets' and masks and defence mechanisms so as to seem to be relatively innocent, kind and caring whilst repressing or keeping private those aspects that we would not expect to be acceptable to an open relationship. And yet... we are not 'legion' or multiple personality facets at war - but are one mind.

The phrase, "The Spirit of the Lord is One", points to a Fact that the covert ops and clever financiers of our mind cover up in order to take a prodigal joyride.

I don'texpect to stop a game midway through - but that doesn't mean individuals cannot walk away from it and abide in the law that does not 'lord it' over, but embraces, guides and educates a true willingness to listen!

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