Thursday, 21 March 2013

Through a Google Glasses Darkly?

 An article on Google Glasses in The Telegraph:

Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

New technology will make us all agents for Google. Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch, says the implications for privacy are profoundly worrying.

(Three comments into a product that brings home some of the implications of the Internet of Everything - of which data-mining is driving as if it offered THE ANSWER).

1. The only way I feel the Internet of Everything working beyond the reach of any private self interest - be that personal or corporate, is if everything is tracked and traced without ANY possibility of corrupting the datastream.

Then those that provide the information as well as those that access it will be identified. Any attempt to manipulate would be identified.
'What's your business" can be asked of anything that has none.

Violation can be marked up as a trace on all parties involved. What is our business? Is it our own business in the sense of exclusive and hidden, or is it open to all legitimate approach?

God's Reality could be considered a state in which privacy is an absurd idea and everyone 'walks in a garden' where all is shared as it is needed or called for.
No need for dense bodies in a realm of Light.
But if you wanted a private experience you have to usurp the Living system by promising extra powers and giving out some sweets. "Hey come on in - this will blow your mind!"

These glasses are a bridge to the biochip. Events will be hijacked or indeed created to induce adoption. The Beast appears. Do you see that it isn't the form but the intent to manipulate and control.

And of course it didn't SEEM evil to the elves that made the magic rings. In fact these particular elves were groomed on the shiny halo of doing none!

Someone commented that we would be crazy not to embrace this tech and that Glasses are no different from phone-cams anyway.
2. Each step is incremental so in some ways - yes you can walk around with a cam or phone etc - but this would become as normal as having a smartphone. And yes it cuts both ways as police brutality exposure vids show.

The thing about abusing a knife is that its range is limited. So yes technology is always abused but its range of effect is growing incrementally at an accelerating rate.

If you are willing to be managed and essentially farmed, there is a place for you - as long as your demographic fits.

The Faustian pact was a symbol of having added powers that robbed your soul. Now the Soul is not even felt - amidst a flood of information and distraction, so maybe the last part of the process is welcomed as if it was freedom.

But if others OWN your life - your freedom is just what they feed you while the milk yield is high.

The more we invest ourselves in technology - the more we disinvest of our real lives. Sure you CAN do both - but that requires a great willingness of discernment that runs counter to everything we are raised to believe - and so that is what I feel the Call of our times is.

Its much easier to take the ride. That's what everyone felt during the lead up to the financial crash. "Who cares if it cant last - this money is sweet now and there's more!"

Discernment has to come from a place that hasn't already got an investment of private self interest.

There - now that is an awakening invitation to identify what we love to hate in others... in ourselves, and to NOT employ it.

Truly shared interest is enlightened self interest.

Someone pointed out that the new tech could replace all signage with virtual signs (an idea that has some appeal in a cluttered world). So the speed signs appear only when exceeding Another replied that you'd be zapped and fined as soon as it showed!

3. There are no speed limits and no signs - the car is also on the grid.
If you have the money, you can have the ad free experience - maybe ad minimal. But hey - here's a free option, hook up your mind to our inputs and we'll zap you over and over and over and over... you know what I mean ;-)
Its cool that you can defend your mind because that creates a new vector for applications we can sell to target you and others like you - so as to zap you over and over and over- with what you really WANT. WANT.WANT.WANT.WANT.WANT...... you know what I mean ;-)
Now in amongst those guys that have things to sell and services to offer is also a desire to put something in, to trade in something worth having or doing - or there would be if there was a way to get a toehold in an economic system designed to undermine a truly organic relationship.
If the 'devil' had a trade what would it be? Advertising? Movies? Lawyer? What I'm aiming at it where something comes between and  breaks what it promises to make.

If we are already destabilized and identifying with a meaningless existence - we are susceptible to the false promises of a loveless intent.

(As it happens - I expect the virtual system will keep the illusion of personal control going so as to maintain the power of guilt and punishment aka 'control'. If the car is controlled universally, then 'thought control' stands in line. (which is the true nature of manipulative intent all along).

I hope you don't feel I'm pissing over your comment!
I just find the words flow once I start typing into the general thread of this stuff.

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