Thursday, 21 March 2013

In My Father's House...

A priest who has allowed Muslims to pray in his church has told how he has been hit by a barrage of abuse by internet 'trolls'.

Any identification can be employed by the mentality of hate, which may appeal to the forms and names of love - but has no love and knows not love.

A nominal Christian or Muslim is not what it professes just because of external assertions, dress code or tribal loyalties. If true religion is to be nurtured in our world, that truly joins us with Life, with our brother/sister and with living world, then it needs to grow out of NOT using belief as a weapon of division.

What we truly believe is witnessed by its fruits. As our perception, our presence, our actions and our compassion. If we live love - it doesn't matter by what means we came to let love into our heart. It's nobody's business to dictate their path upon another!
Loving IS true religion - and love doesn't arise from selfishness no matter how forcefully asserted.
The mentality of hate, 'loves' to hate because it sees separation as salvation. And hates to love, for it sees love as loss of self. It finds the ways to hate that justify itself to itself and fails to recognize love even when it is in their midst.

Jesus was not a Christian, nor Mohammed a Muslim. Both truly loved, and expressed such love in inspiring compassionate ways.

Fear is not a sane foundation for life. A willingness to trust the impulse of love is how we invite Christ in, whether we care to use such a term or not.

To one who sarcastically noted Christians failure to follow their own teachings:
A good point here - but having pointed to the failings of others, are you now better? - or indeed a true follower of the above?

Christian failure ought to generate a radical re-evaluation and in some I am sure it does.
Others make a virtue of being suffering sinners and most everyone sighs and accepts the 'human condition' and makes token gestures.

The nature of Messengers who inspire is that they embody what they speak, and communicate it on levels that transcend mere information. Holiness is usually for the dead because those identified in partial hypocrisy cant abide it while those who believe their own mind cant even see it. But Sanctity belongs to life; it is we who disinherit ourselves, not God.

Teaching that awakens and serves a life lived in love instead of fear, tends to be subverted to worldly goals, becoming identity in the world rather than a transcendence of loving - even while apparently in it.

To any mind identified exclusively with the passing show, unconditional love must seem a superhuman sacrifice, and Jesus is accorded a specialness that effectively separates him from us as a brother.

But a mentality of control is rooted in fear, and this is what Jesus taught freedom FROM. Love IS spontaneous to a freedom from fear, NOT a weapon against it. But an institutional church used religion as its control mechanism and reversed the core teaching by intervening between a man and his true heart's knowing. Break the bounds!

Said one:
Funny thing is all Abrahamic religions worship the same guy.
Retorted another:
Funny thing is you are wrong.Allah is not God.It is a semi pagan deity known in Arabia before Mohammad and elevated by him to the level of the Jewish Yahvey,Jehova.Even a cursory study of the qua'ran would show the reader how different God is to allah.

The first thing to do in order to have a seeming anti-God is to make a definition of God and worship IT instead of God.
Now a definition is a thought and God is not limited by thought - so you have a conflict if you want to have your selfconcept AND true Life.
Choosing to worship an imaged definition, cuts off the feeling of true Life. Kicked out of Paradise!
Life now appears polarized between Good and evil. The Good is what your definition of God allows you, and evil is what seems to threaten your salvation, which is misplaced in the idol, and is being defended against True God. Jesus' parable of the tenant farmers illustrates.
There's only God, and all that says different is what our minds make up and identify for or against.
YHWH or Yahweh has been rendered as "I Am That I Am"
But however the Name of God is written, spoken (or refrained from being written and spoken), it is both name AND nature - and never to be used casually - in vanity or carelessness.
But it is used without any sense of Only True Being and as a word or thing in a world of things it can be fought over and used to justify division.
The mind that does not stop at the thought of God is a mind that has forgot what it is to Be - lost in a distraction of its own thinking.

To one who equates Santa and God I wrote a partly humorous response:
“Santa is really Satan - (cunningly disguised). He knocked the Christ off of Christmas so as to render it as a hollowness stuffed with crassmas. Then he set up the appetite of consumerism by entering the minds of the children and making 'I want' shout louder than 'I love'. But no you are right he isn't real. Its just a device to seem to be jolly amidst a futile and meaningless existence.
As for Truth, Reality, Source, True Nature, Light of Awareness, Love, Peace, Joy, Guidance, Sanity, Grace, Gratitude, Blessing - and so forth - no they're all just figments of your imagination!

I will tell you that the god we make up isn't real and never has been. Now you don't question your OWN reality, is that because you are certain? - or because you simply presume that what the thoughts in your mind suggest to you is true?
(I don't mean to pick on you but felt the Satan joke was worth the telling - and that there is more to life than what anyone thinks - that is well worth feeling!)”

 To One who retorted that what I wrote was a spammer
“Yeah! death to all messengers that don't support my worldview - lets appeal for support by using a hate word like spammers".

My point in writing this rejoinder is both humorous and illuminating of all my contributions on this page . Look at our mind as it works and uncover something that can now be undone - (immediately repent of or drop) - rather than feed as fuel into anyone's guilt trip.

'Differencism' is using differences to invalidate others or to validate oneself or one's group exclusively (same difference).
Its a shit fight - it's sticky and stinks and the more you try to dump the more you live in a shit world!
(not meaning you personally - but any of us).”

Responding to me this one said "Spammer isn't a hate word LOL!

“Ah, but it is a meaning of disregard to the valueless.
"Niga' wasn't necessarily used in hate, after all 'nigas' were those that the prevailing mindset of power could disregard as valueless.

Now I am not saying I have hurt feelings! But I am calling attention to the mindset out of which you and others here, are operating.

And NOT as a means of pointing out a source of blame (sigh!) - but as a waking up to a truly shared value.

The mind that wants to escape guilt wants to keep a little bit as a means of control, so it cloaks it in seemingly innocuous terms as part of a widely accepted norm.

That mind that is blindly trusting in its own confidences, does not realize that in seeking to control, it is being used.

Now you know that you can communicate to someone who is different to you, without using derogatory remarks or codified appeals to judge against or devalue and therefore exclude. It just takes a moment to pay attention to where you start out from.

Reaction tends to conditioned responses and habits that do not connect with a present appreciation of reality - nor express it.”

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