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The Fictitious Race

Why 'Race' Is Fiction - by Bonnie Greer on HuffPo

(My comments don't follow the form and its associated meanings in the world so much as seek to uncover the active mentality that underlies all such symptoms as racism)

Comment 1:

There is a mind that differentiates itself to be special - to get one up - to be favoured - to get what it wants regardless of whether it is real, attainable or truly desirable. We all have something of this in us and it cuts us off from the love - the unified being - that is always present beneath artificial divisions.

The willingness to put aside the mind of division is the allowing of love's perspective into a world that seemed unlovely and fearfully compulsive. In this culture we come to celebrate differences as part of a universal human experience in which our unique living presence is honoured and shared.

The unwilling cannot be forced, but nor need they be fed in terms of their habit and its presentation. A blind and fearful sense of self interest is callous to all but its own perceived or believed needs. This kind of 'self-protective' withdrawal of real presence, attention or communication might seem aggressive and contagious - because nothing baits us more to invest in or invite hate into our hearts than to guilt.

The mind that seeks to redistribute guilt onto others is as yet unwilling to put it aside. A true righteousness shares a true integrity. For lawlessness to meet limitation serves an education and rehabilitation. For the truth of us to meet limitation serves to deepen our determination to put our inner chains aside and find our true presence - which is not defined over and against.

Comment 2:

It is always about power over rather than sharing power. It will use whatever is to hand to get, keep or grow in power and is a joining in hate - which is a way of not joining at all!

Darwin felt we were all of one life and sought to prove it. His findings point to the blueprints but haven't yet opened the experience and the realisation of true relation. On surface are all kinds of adaptations and cultural differences and on surface these look to be in conflict.
So relax beneath the surface and get a fresh perspective - despite all the compulsive urges of the mind to run as if it were independent of the life that Breathes It.

The ego is like a thought that has a thick heavy border around it. Inside is what seems to be tiny self in a vast and hostile universe - yet a universe surprisingly aligned for a temporary experience. But actually what is outside and 'other' is what we had denied or closed off from, in fearfully scrambling for some measure of control amidst a chaotic sense of division.
These conditions and rules that we each set around us are a sort of defence against our wholeness.
"There is no holier spot on Earth than where an ancient hatred becomes a present love".
What is the 'power' that hates to love and loves to hate? It is an imagination given the reality of our subscription.
Just say No!

Comment 3:

When we give our Word, we define. And as we define - so do we experience. If you give a false word - a fiction - then you have a fictitious experience, a divided and disintegrated experience.
When you wake up to the power of your Word, you will be able to thank your experience and release it so as to make way for a Word that your tiny little mind didn't make up.
The True Defining Context for our experience is known in guiltlessness - which doesn't demand of or lay trip upon.
There was a baby in the bath when religion got thrown away. Because it was being misused by people who had gotten lost in the surface forms without sharing the Meaning.

Further additions to the comments of not understanding comment 3.
Bonnie dismissed the 'Word' among other points she made. I offered a reminder that your Word is what you are giving - THROUGH which you are experiencing. The way religion withers is when it is interpreted within the world rather than about YOU. You can have no reality BUT Reality. You want a bit on the side? It's your will - and now you've got a split directive - with all the shit that hits the fan of and projects out as experience.

The mind that sleepwalks doesn't realize it is dreaming and anything you say to it is simply unheard or interpreted to support the dream.

Within this reality we call the human condition, there are those who have engaged a virtual life and identify it to the exclusion of their full awareness of what s and what they Are. It can get addictive and one can learn to screen out (sic) the 'interferences' to the continuity of one's virtual existence so as to give priority to the personal experience it offers.
In this example you choose to engage or 'enter' such a framework for experience and to do so, one has to forget to laugh at it. That is one takes it seriously; identification, preoccupation with its drama, and a protective sense of it's 'life' - and all that maintains it's 'life' - including its drama and ultimate (sic) import of its death - which is what provides the tension throughout.

The Word is the Idea - that you give or extend. By not giving true presence, we experience falsely. It's that simple.
The human consciousness is already a virtual 'reality' and the program is running as a layer of emulation. I am inviting communication 'outside the box' to coin a much misused term.
Because as long as we try to solve problems outside ourselves - that are only solvable within ourselves - we perpetuate the problem in different forms. Like the hero who cuts of the head of the serpent and three more grow in place each time.
Now that doesn't constitute a withdrawal of our presence in our relationships (though sometimes there is a period of 'wilderness' time) - but shifts us from a presentation to an actual presence.
The presence of life is not a thought construct - it cannot be defined or depicted in form - and yet pervades your Whole Life and everyone in it.
When we deny presence to play out a virtual sense of limited self - it is always at the expense of - always over and against - always a polarised experience.
So what is it we are against or at the expense of but Life, as Brother and Sister - because they share this Same Life, and our Self. "Even as you do unto the least, you do unto Me doesn't only mean the least - but means without exception. Until we change our Word we will not heal our world.

X1Commented: Black men suffer VERY high rates of prostate cancer - It's a racial fact. I find it very depressing you'd rather censor this truth and contribute towards their deaths than acknowledge your pet theories are in fact lies.
Genetic traits can be called racial - but remain genetic traits. We presume genes to be the Programmer of life - but without looking in any detail I bet it is turning out to be much much more complex than that - AND that somewhere below our conception of ourselves or our world, is a power of intelligence that delivers as it is asked. I'm not saying that little ego-minded critters get to choose anything or even have access to such a level - but the scientific crusade has tended to seek for the Cause of All OUTSIDE MIND - and disregard mind - (except for its defining and controlling rational talent) - as have almost all humans prior to scientists.

Mediumal57 rejoined: I can assure you it is both much more complex and at the same time remarkably more simple at once If one accepts that we are a product of Crick and Watson's double helix molecule then chemically all variation in life forms on this planet are essentially brought about by the way carbon chooses to combine with other elements. i say chooses, but of course I don't mean that carbon atoms make a conscious choice to combine with say oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. That process is best described using part of the standard model in physics. The trouble with discussing this subject, as indeed anything related to human biology, one soon finds one has to keep backing up to resolve other issues before what one is really after in being resolved can stand a chance of being tackled sensibly. It's why religious people prefer to blame God. 
Blame and God are incompatible - so you must be talking about blame and scapegoat.
I too find it is much simpler than I can say and remarkably complex to approach through any attempt to say it. I like you also feel that to address anything tends to need to back up to incorporate a structural process in consciousness that is essentially invisible or unconscious to a mentality directed AWAY from its own source and nature. Yet there IS no AWAY from truth excepting imagination - and so even scientific exploration is uncovering  Mind. Not a separate Mind, as in a magical 'god' with super powers. But Mind.

Everything expresses its source, and the notion that reality is split into mind AND matter is a polarized expression of a divisive intent, taken and used as a foundation.
The notion of choice is an imagination - a prop in a play - in which it is accorded status. Yet actually there is only the acceptance of the reality of what Is or the denial of what already Is or it could not BE denied.
Human consciousness is a complex of defence mechanisms, presumed to be acting for surface ego. They are forms of denial and dissociation. Seeking to focus exclusively on the gross aspects of what is external to this ego based experience is an attempt to escape the magical thinking of a personal mythology, not unlike Pythagoras with his sinlessly divine mathematics. (Apparently) abstracted from the sin of personal involvement.

Science tends to try to 'reverse engineer' life as if to know it from the 'outside' and use such 'knowledge' to control it. But I assure you, neither you (nor anyone) is outside it in even the tiniest degree. We live out a play of 'as if' in which the mind 'steps outside' or indeed between, to define and judge all things in its own image.
I accept that all things real are a direct expression of an indivisibility and that includes what is real about a double helix molecule and you and I.
A scientist posits a reason behind a pattern or behaviour, because of splitting off of effect from cause and then assigning the experience of a past as cause, I posit that there is a Movement Implicit in all events that is concurrent or Cause-Event the function of the Living Universe, that is perfectly unified and indivisible. In our terms it could be called 'Know Thyself'. It could also be seen as the inherent nature and function of mind. It is the underlying motive force - yet there is nothing outside or apart from itself to act upon - because it creates out of itself and through its creation knows itself in all its expression. Now this is merely theoretical unless you are uncovered beneath the nature and level of what is called 'your own thought', and still wont mean anything unless the momentum of the divisive intent is recognized and released. But regardless of any attempt to articulate in ANY kind of system of description - truth is uncovered and not determined by the mind of man. And what is uncovered pulls out the rug from under our feet. (Therefore seek and don't find is the interference pattern that keeps the sense of time from falling away to an edgeless Now.

The truth of data is a sort of code modelled out in ideas, but truth of being is at rest in/as its own dynamic and communicates a tangible presence.
Scientific AND religious people tend to use blame to justify a self righteousness, instead of consigning guilt to history and opening to a greater honesty. I realize we are in different systems of thought and I do not expect either to function or make sense within the other - but that doesn't mean they are in conflict. Lovers can also practice science. But not at the same instant - unless the science of love is the uncovering of the truth of an undefended conscious awareness, and innocence of being, a wonder of delight, an ever fresh curiosity. A deep sense of safety and gratitude. A capacity to relate that remains unimaginable to the ego sense. But none of the 'fruits' constitute a handle of control over ones existence so much as the provision of a clearer perspective in which the need for the personal sense of control is undone. To seek control is the action/reaction experience of division. But to come back into an integrated and congruent perspective is to be aligned with rather than resisting, Life.

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