Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Primate Change and thoughts on Science

Scientists may seem to know an awful lot about an awful little and then discover new things that put what they thought they knew into a different perspective altogether. The thing that immediately hit me about global warming has been not climate change itself - which is something that simply IS and which we may or may not have the effect upon that we think we have - but the mentality or psychology of the human consciousness that is observable both at large an in our own minds.

A Chicken Licken hysteria infects the others in the 'farmyard' and 'Foxy Loxy' sees opportunity for self interest out of an ungrounded and fearful blindness. Conspiracy of self interest is often tacit or even largely unconscious. It was easily discernible in the recent financial collapse.

Reliance on science is often at the expense of unified wisdom. Its mapping/controlling of 'reality' is an expression of arrogance that pretends to power but makes us increasingly powerless.

The CHANGE occurring is much MORE than climate!

(The above was a passing comment to this page of shallow scepticism and opinion - attaching itself to David Bellamy)

As a PS to the comment above, David Bellamy was inspiring because he was inspired. The joy of living was tangible in him - and I hope it still is.

Scientists are human beings who adopt a discipline which can be helpful within a meaningful context - but the interpretation of scientific data in terms of a machine or de-Souled human mind, UNDERMINES the context that I am calling Soul.

[Note: The following may seem dense but is an attempt to articulate something of the nature of the Soul. This can never be seriously achieved because you already are that One - but to a mind that thinks it knows itself differently, I offer this towards remembering].

The capacity to feel is a primary and integral quality of Awareness Itself because true thoughts are not merely data to be processed for the 'survival and defence' of a selfishness, but are expressions of our being.

Descartes famous saying 'I think, therefore I am', can be used to suggest a separated thinker existing because of awareness of thoughts, who is as thoughts define. But in actuality there is an event of awareness-thought that might be better expressed:

"I am" (Awareness Is) - "therefore thought expresses Me!" (qualities of being).

The mind of definition and judgement is the usurpation of the dimension of Feeling (or intuitive-discernment) by templates that create manual programs of conditioned reaction, fuelled by emotional triggers - (including those reactions against allowing emotional communication at all, in fear of losing control) - becomes an insanity by which the mind seeks to manipulate its own experience and hide the fact by means of complex deception or defence mechanism.

This attempt to prevail upon or over a sense of Self made 'other', is a root aspect of our human conditioning and is beneath the range of the scientific worldview - which is presuming to be uncovering truths about an external reality to a sense of limited mind in a body in a physical universe. This split mind is a tiny fragment of what is actual, and its unconsciousness is not imposed by conditions so much as a persistent program of self-limiting intent.

Science is NOT opening a golden age to us and has not brought us what it promised, but within it is still the legitimate search to uncover what is true as well as the service in offering solutions to mechanical problems. As with all things of this world, it is what we use them for - the active PURPOSE or cultural values that we share - which determines what they are to us.

I criticize science as a basis for human culture because I see it as a tool and not a Guide nor an identity. But I seek only to open the mind to its true nature and capacity for healing and wholeness. In such purpose Shared is an entirely different science and culture from the popular and superficial interpretations of a disconnected rationality.

The recent BBC program Metamorphosis indicates a direction that brings science into a more unified field.
The Unified Field theory is a sort of Holy Grail of science - and yet I suggest that it is already true - already manifesting you along with the Universe and more beyond your current capacity to imagine - but will never be uncovered as a theory because you are already its perfect proof! But the instant one seeks - imaginatively - to step OUTSIDE of one's own Mind, Being Reality - so as the theorize ANYTHING - the Unified appreciation is 'put on hold' while a pet project is indeed projected. Not into reality - but as an existence given YOUR reality. And in identifying with a thought, a sense of separate self becomes a focal point of a limited experience.
To our tiny minds this seems unimaginable - but the POWER of MIND is Infinite - that is without limit. In expressing power over our own thought we become afraid of MIND and seek to shut it down to a tiny trickle. Such intuitive knowings are held in various cultural stories and stir what is present but unconscious in our own mind.

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