Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cardinal speaks of paedophilia as a disease

Paedophilia is an illness NOT a crime, says cardinal just days after papal conclave

What is the role and function of guilt in the human experience?

What is the nature and function of an identity that pretends to be in control of (its) life?

What is the nature of a mind that tries to gratify its own appetites and desires upon or at the expense of life - ie: other people?

What is the nature of a mind that is essentially a complex defence mechanism going through the mimic and the mask of passing off as valid, respectable or real?

What is the role of evil and enemy in the mind that seeks to distract attention and awareness from its own lack of validity and therefore 'loves' or is driven to find the hateful and unacceptable in OTHERS.

How can we find the wherewithal to address situations that are horrific in a way that heals?

Is the desire to hate, kill, dehumanise and expel a paedophile, a similar kind of appetite to that which drives such individuals to totally disregard the sanctity and dignity of others who share the same Life in attempt to justify or maintain our own fantasy?

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