Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The mind in its story : Mind revealed in Story

The mind in story is a mind both based upon, and conditioned or programmed by, an active and many layered process of definition and interpretation.
Insofar as it is engaged in exclusively identifying with an identity within its virtual narrative, it is unconscious or unaware of the wishes and desires that constitute the virtual narrative and seeks to prevail, over a sense of chaotic threat to its own existence. It thus identifies over and against that which it cannot control by identifying with a desire TO control.

Perceived reality and thus behavioural response to it, is thus a contest of determinations and definitions that establish a broad range of mutual agreements established in tacit collaboration towards maintaining the narrative of an independent definer and determiner of its own reality.

Thus mind seems to make its own reality, and validate it by apparently sharing it through a process of mutual persuasions, agreements and collaborations, excepting the alliances of such intent do not truly share more than a partial aspect of their minds in highly conditional terms of alliance. For in the onset of threat as a result of conditions not being met, the status and validity of the other, shifts  to be redefined in hateful or self rejecting terms.

But actually mind makes its own experience of reality as a result of setting up a sense of conflict within Mind - that is - within the undefined and undefinable, felt quality, of an indivisible self awareness. Whatever such pure awareness is, remains the undefinable true context of every experience, directly known or interpretively imagined via a derivative and conditional experience of self-limitation.

The narrative sense of mind in process of becoming in time and space is like an overlay of  images and meanings upon an omni-projecting light, such that, instead of recognising our nature in our thought, we identify with a false reflection and feel trapped within our own thought without recognizing our thought. For the true nature of mind is hidden to the desire that would make itself lord rather than express true authority. Self-making denies true authorship in which one recognizes one nature or light in all - (and in all its infinite expression)

(This was the first writing of which the The self in story - a narrative in observation replaced. Not because This was in any way less, but because I thought to write a short reference linking to a longer article here - but the short reference flowed to be its own article. This, though similar, still makes points that felt worthy of reflection and so I also include it here. The mind is not going to understand its way to realization, but it can understand why it cannot understand! Essentially it cannot stand apart as if outside and separate to all that it conceives and perceives. It can however, generate such an experience and believe it, and does so by believing it. Investment of attention is desire, and to give attention is to extend your presence. But to give the gift of you to what is not true is to place images upon the heart and make false association. The gift of you is the basis upon which you know that you are - as you are. But the giving and receiving of what cannot be truly shared is the way of believing that you are - as you are not! To rest in the moment and allow an intimacy of being, restores the mind to its true function - as the beholding and recognizing of You. At first this might not seem You - but Being or Spirit or God or the Buddha-Nature - or whatever cultural symbol serves your own acceptance. The important thing is allowing the sense of being in and of - without recoiling or controlling or interfering. This is an extension of trust - and that is the realignment of mind in Mind - or a coming back into our right mind - which is entirely capable of holding your current local or limited sense as one with your Universal Source and Nature, and bringing it to a true appreciation of life, as we are willing to receive it.

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