Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Humanity a plague on the Earth?

Sir David Attenborough, Naturalist And Filmmaker, Calls Humanity 'A Plague On The Earth'


I invite you to pause a moment and reflect that it is not humans that are the sickness - but our thinking. And the false identities that arise from such thinking.
There are parasites that are known to influence the mind and behaviour of their host so as to act in their interest and not the host's.
So it is with the mindset that has cuckolded our true thinking and turned us into blind 'getters' that make a prodigal wastrel - and wasteland - in place of a cooperative participant in the Presence of Life - of which we are expressions - whether we think so or not.

Part of the nature of these thoughts that are not true connected thinking, is that they steal our (awareness and appreciation of) Soul in exchange for empty promises that then enslave us and deal death through our hands and machinations - including that of the the host (ourselves). This pattern of thinking seeds itself in the new generations and doesn't care what side of a conflict it takes as long as conflict persists. For these thoughts are of course conflict-thoughts or wishes, given priority over true relation.

This 'self' that seems to be an organic survival mechanism is indeed 'going forth and multiplying' - for such is the Nature of Life and indeed Mind - only that which is being seeded is a kind of thinking that is divorced from the heart - and indeed believes itself successfully separated from the Life - of which it is expression and which is its true source and nature - even while a virtual layer of thought and experience is engaged and lived as if IT was Real.

One of the 'answers' that conflicted-thinking offers - if it cannot see a way to survive and prevail in its illusion of independence and control - is suicide. This can be done in all manner of ways - and the deceptive ingenuity of conflicted thinking is in one knowing not what one actually does. This is because in any clarity of awareness the costs of following such thinking is deeply painful and insanely meaningless. So distractions that effectively filter, distort or shut off awareness are absolutely required as defence from such felt distress. Where the miracle and wonder of life breaks through, or is accepted, it is compartmentalized and inhibited in its transfer of wisdom to the whole.

The Good News is that regardless of being so poor in Spirit - are you all blessed. For what you thought to have lost - or choose to believe never existed - or has nothing to do with YOU - is simply covered over - (you got it!) - with a false thinking of a sense of self that is made to look away from its source and 'survive' as a separated life - in competition with Life and all lives.

I invite you to pause of your desire to rid the Earth of humans or of yourself and instead rid yourself of this mindset. Not by struggle or righteous crusade - not in some movement of idealistic problem solving, but simply by learning to recognize the thoughts that come from a fearful and manipulative mask - and desisting from employing them or investing further in them.

If you think not - the 'Bridegroom comes'. Why? - because there is that of your true Nature that rises to your awareness of itself when it is no longer suppressed. And it rises in ways that are appropriate and encouraging and practical to your real life. The one that is your real presence and passion expressing.

Nothing that I say is really new - but this fear-thinking is old tired and stale. Perhaps long ago it was a kind of game for thrills, but over time we became identified and addicted to it. Addicted until - that is - a different foundation appears where the false one had always seemed to be!

Look at your mind - your thinking - your defence and masking mechanisms - and see if you don't find the seeds of everything in the world within you that you judge against. This requires that you can allow yourself to be honestly aware in the midst of conditioned triggers of opinion, predjudice and self protective denials or assertions.

Now we are the one that chooses to subscribe - no matter how much power of belief we give to our thoughts. Yes we are conditioned - and also we are rooted in an Awareness that we do not create - nor really control. The illusion of control was one of the empty promises whereby we 'turned away' from the context and dimension of our feeling being. And still is.

This egocentric aspect is not evil so much as imaginary. But when You identify with asserting or opposing it, there is no communicating with you until your bubble either pops or becomes porous to the depth of You.

This writing does not set out to convince you of God - a unified conscious meaning that simply cannot Be translated or rendered into conflict-thinking - because such thinking is designed to blanket. (blank it). You have to metaphorically 'put the gun down' and calm in order to feel and know what is truly natural to you - and THEN you will be restored to your innate capacity to feel your way in a wholeness of being… in a tangible and communicated presence of life. Everything functions now in a way that all the kings horses and all the kings men - can NEVER put together.

This IS a 'prodigal moment' in our times. Trade in your toxic debt for true Relation. This has nothing to do with believing in the head - excepting to question ALL of the believing of the head and bring it to true account in the discernment of the heart. This does NOT require a Phd - just an honest willingness to uncover truth beyond mutually self serving definitions.

Thinking needs to extend out-from a truly relational connectedness - or communioned-ness. Expressing real relation.
The call to rest has never been more urgent. Don't just do something - stand there!

Thankyou for your attention

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