Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Undefended Presence and inhibition

Buddha at the gas pump is a site sharing interviews with people who in one way or another have awakening or enlightenment experience.
I wrote the article below after watching and enjoying the interview with Francis Bennett.

A living communication is not defined or contained in the forms of its appearance. It is felt wholeness of being - inclusive because love is shared rather than defined and rejected.

Francis demonstrates an undefendedness to love and therefore an open hearted communication that is not caught up in trying to be correct, nor identifying with a teaching role, or teaching form and practice.

He is perhaps still embarrassed to trust the fullness of loves expression through him - to let its totally take him, but is not embarrassed by his inhibitions - as he is in the way of letting rather than of attempting to become - and this is the extension of trust - being exactly as he is without engaging the 'mind' that attempts to add or take away to make its self of story prevail in its attention.

The release of entertainment allows a true hearted engagement. We are all in receipt of the totality of love and are all in the way of accepting or inhibiting its truth as our own - along with all that is.

The principle inhibition is of a withdrawal into thoughts that seem to define or justify a separateness or partiality to love. That 'names' without sharing the nature.
A society of mutually agreed definitions supports the inhibition to love by joining without love, without sharing in true presence. Though this then takes on the appearance and behaviours we call the world, it is always founded on reaction of a misplaced or mistaken attempt to get love within a form that denies its already existence and the corresponding shame and pain of perceived abandonment or believed retaliation reinforces the identification with lack and loss.

This is where the remembering of one who is undefended to love, shines into the one who was actively forgetting and wakens to that love is already here, already true, already the source, nature and condition of you. This re establishes a conscious realized foundation in place of a highly complex defence mechanism with which love's expression became identified as a 'surviving fragment' of love's loss amidst disintegration experience of fear, and density of guilt.

Accepting true authority inherently releases the mentality that usurps and divides, by sharing true purpose in place of conflicting wishes. Nothing CAN substitute for love… Love's remembrance is living presence - and this is ours to accept and share but not to make, package or re-brand. Although we are free to work with a copy in image and use it to teach and learn the prodigal lesson.

Our fundamental teaching-learning aspect in the awakening is to share what is freely and lovingly given to a true willingness to receive. This transforms and translates a world of grievance and attack into a perfect curriculum for awakening to love's being the totality of all that is ever truly present.

The call for love comes from the mind that thinks it has become as it thinks to be and does not know what it does or what it truly desires. It may seem to be justification for judgement and rejection to a mind that equates these things with personal salvation, but even a glimpse of love's presence, accepted, offers an alternative perception in which their call is yours! - and through awakening the answer of love's recognition in you, is your joy and gratitude extended to them and to all, silently and directly - and in form as the movement of love prompts and guides.

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