Friday, 25 January 2013

Human being and the human conditioning

What is human Being?
When meeting this question, where do you look for the answer?
You are the answer! - and not the constructs and definitions of a control mentality that does not know that you are.

It seems as if a particular kind of disconnected thinking has taken precedence over the function of human Being such that human being is suppressed, blindly exploited, and rendered largely unconscious, by a conditioned programming of self defeating and self destructive thoughts, beliefs and conflicting identities. These run like a virtual reality on top of our being and seem to have come between us and our being - simply because we believe we are as our conditioned thinking dictates, and the whole thing runs unquestioned simply because we believe we already know and build on that instead of connecting directly to what knowing is. This building grows ever more complex in attempt to maintain and prevail a sense of self in control. Far from growing true wealth it grows debt. Its ingenuity and presentation is the art of guile and the assertion of 'power upon'. It does not see or appreciate power of shared purpose - except its form - which it absorbs and subverts or 'kills' in order that it can survive.

Knowing IS being - but true knowing is not separated off from the known, to be used as a personal possessive self validator. Prometheus eats his own guts out unknowing - and there is no end to it while he maintains a disconnect between stealing the Light and suffering limitation. One cannot steal the Light, but only runs off with a local copy. But the wish-belief in a wilful power of disconnection is a fundamental building block in the thought system and identity that comes from it.

And the fear of such, along with the guilt of such, hold the such mind in terror and in impotence. All force is brought to bear on limiting such pain and loss along with all ingenuity of distraction, displacement, denial and disassociation.

This is a sketch of human conditioning but not human being. Waking up to the true nature of the sickness also wakes the cure - because the problem is uncovered where it is - instead of being 'solved' where it is not - in displacement and projection of our guilt and fear upon others or upon situations.

The cure is not of further exercise of sickness and the further investment in forcing resolutions upon externalisations designed to keep 'the problem' protected by solving it externally. But must discern and desist from employing such thinking as sees disconnection from being as survival and self validating identity in struggle.

Then what? Then see what is revealed and restored as a truly living communication of true purpose.
What is our true purpose? Don't look to thinking for an answer but let being truly human express a presence of a unified will.
All things express their foundation. We do not create our being - but in creative cooperation with the law of our being we create the good, the beautiful and the true - because such is free from self hatred and shame and is of a kind. Be One of a Kind!

(This was written in comments to the Telegraph article 'Sir David Attenborough "wrong" on human plague)

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