Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Great Olympic Lie?

Underneath whether or not the article itself is well written or not is the essence of what is being communicated - or attempted to be said. I wouldn't focus on the Olympics itself but on the nature of our mind, our thought, intent and identifications.

I see denial employed in increasingly blatant ways. Denial reveals a tyrannous mechanism rather than a freedom of expression. In ways that are starting to show to many who previously followed or subscribed to a model of thought and perception and identity which seemed real. It isn't really something done to us by others so much as by wishing and consenting to allow fear and confusion to be our basis or guide. It is acted out in scenarios of victim and victimizer, manipulated and manipulator. To remain focused at that level is to be distracted from observing our own mind's involvement and successfully fooled into identifying with righteous opinions. Truth seems to be divided or conflicted and a mind of defence (and attack), seems to rule.
While awareness is denied,illusions are invited and asserted. They are not fake £11 notes because there are no £11 notes. But they are limited and filtered distortions of something real, accepted and defended as reality Itself.

The mind of the individual is generally held to be an independent and autonomous entity - a unique expression of a point of view that is free to think and express itself. But though this has been almost unchallenged as the currency and basis of identity and thought, it is no less loaded with toxic debt than these clever financial instruments; that is to say with wishful and manipulative intent in which nothings are presented as of equal value with something.

When the scam comes to fruit in the collapse of mere idols worshipped as real, amidst the revelation of such devastating error that all thought is rendered suspect and a deeper fear rises, then the attempt to densify and persist in the dream as a delay mechanism by all means available acts as a sort of persistence of the mind that has run off the edge of a cliff - but is determined not to look down. Denial.

To find ways to discern what is actually going on must listen past or feel through the attack on the person, which reflects the investment in one's own person.

Such Prodigal desecration and degradation as our times embody, call for a true accounting. In this admittedly dreadful and un-manning opening of our mind in a willingness for truth, is an entirely different basis for life remembered - not manufactured. Loud thoughts will give way to a heartfelt discernment, because this will be revealed as truly desired.

The attempt to avoid or delay or deny this shift of Identity will bring an increasingly grotesque and unbelievable caricature of the forms that once seemed real. A sort of botox of the mind, freezing into masks that no longer communicate a living presence; a ghastly masquerade.

Yet whatever our presentations, we ARE of a living presence and this CAN communicate and share itself in ways that multiplies joy. The real or natural joy is an innate quality. It may be associated exclusively with the forms in which it was allowed - but that can grow in self-awareness. Hyped up 'joys' are a manipulative overlay of mentality serving a false but seemingly self protective partiality. In amongst the wheat, there are tares. To discern is to tend the harvest; to join with what is real and unsubscribe or disinvest in what is unworthy or meaningless.

"I am not the Olympic sort", I said recently when riding my bike along the coast path to some comments by passing walkers. "I am already Gold". This is a metaphor for a quality of our being that our prodigal mentality denies.
You ARE already Gold - that is wholly worthy of love's awareness now. Not upon your vanquished brother, but with him. We can all share someone's birthday. Giving and receiving worth doesn't have to be a prize in a competition.

Thank you for your attention

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