Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Queen’s earplugs are just the lead we require in the battle on noise

Silence is conducive to noticing.

By distraction, stimulation and a reactive 'thinking' that passes as one's own or one's self, it is possible to not notice the Presence of God - as the Source, Nature and Condition of all that is this instant arising in awareness as the conscious experience of be-ing.

Clearly, what is called consciousness is generally a programmed unconsciousness. Programmed by its own identification with its own thoughts and their resultant experiences and identifications.

True Silence is simple an unconflicted awareness and is still totally Present in the simple realisation that we do not know what we are or what anything is for. This is resisted with noise - but this 'nothingness' is the condition in which a different kind of 'knowing' rises as the self aware nature of ... awareness itself.

Concepts have never approached what is un-seperate or Unified Wholeness because they emanate from a mind already engaged in self definition. Rather than try to conceive of what is already true, simply rest the mind and become attentive to the qualities of being that escape your notice while engaging in distractions of a self protective thinking - that is wholly unaware of what your truth Is!

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