Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jumping into Life

Pregnant Base Jumper Dies On Her Last Leap

An extreme sports fan who decided to make one final leap before having a baby dies after her parachute fails to open.

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On a personal level, Wioletta Roslan died in the course of doing things she enjoyed - knowing that there were risks. We all pitch our lives at a level of risk and then take the life we get as our measure. It is easy to see the risk of a parachute jump. Less easy to see the risks of a mentality of security that suffocates the spirit and limits everything to a managed grey - even with many shades of it.

Going for the thrill is one of the threads of a human consciousness and it expresses in all sorts of ways through every walk of life at one level or another - and increasing in pseudo experience of film and game playing.

"I feel alive when I jump. I find normal life boring," Miss Roslan said.

This is very telling. We are born as beings of Wonder, but the light that is our in our presence and nature is increasingly covered over by a defined sense of self and world. The sense of self that we grow tends to be heavily masked by the persona that becomes our identity and our strategy of coping and communicating in life  - as we each see it, from our particular personal and cultural perspective.

Many of us at some stage in life come to realize we are not - never have been - the mask - but are a real presence that is beneath the radar of the world and generally kept under a bushel - except in special circumstances.

For it is only when we 'take the jump' of living out from our heart's knowing, that we experience the world differently. Rather than make this an addiction to a particular form - as if to self-stimulate, I would bring this insight into whatever apparent situation I am in. A culture of a 'control' mentality blots out the light and joy in life - as well as the inspiration and promise of all that comes forth from sharing it.

The thinking that sees life before death as a short moment to exploit for our self alone until the 'sun goes down' is common. But untrue. Because we are not our self alone, but an Expression of Life Itself. This is something that can awaken from beneath any mask, because what we make ourselves, doesnt actually create or change the truth of what we are. There is Something Eternal that we have forgotten that has not forgotten us - or we could not Be.

I sense that this knowing is part of a capacity to take the jump into human experience at all. It is as scary and dark a rollercoaster ride as you can imagine.

But regardless of our mutual definitions or agreements - and the hopes and disappointments these create in our experience; we ARE love's sharing. So much more than our surface mind realizes.

If it is time to go - then a transition occurs. Our True Safety is in Remembering who we truly Are, which is never absent from any truly shared relationship. Wioletta has her own reasons and lessons, and our views reflect ours and not hers.
There are many things that are equivalent to a parachute not opening. Things that become invisible to us while they are just there, or just work. Until they don't. Gratitude opens appreciation in Wonder!

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