Monday, 10 September 2012

Meeting in shared values, or private deceits? The marketplace

BBC News article :
10 charges that make consumers scratch their heads, relates to the use of confusion as part of a war of business upon the mind of so called consumers. (I feel the term consumer itself is part of that same war, as we are participants in a relationship and are not defined by imposed analysis)

I don't feel to focus on symptoms so much as look at the underlying causes.

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The marketplace embodies a relationship expressing a sense of value shared, but true value been lost to a state of war waged with deception and a manipulative intent; A desire for personal or private gain that disregards real relationships, is lawless, undermining of trust, and blindly destructive, as it hollows out our culture, and promotes fear and guilt as the motivators and guides of both identity and action.

Living human beings are consenting to being conditioned or programmed into domesticated passive consumers so as to be milked, in exchange for a sense of temporary security that has to be constantly maintained against an increasingly fearful sense of life.

The mentality of both corporate and consumer, as the to intent to control and prevail as a separate entity, pervades modern life as an attempt to 'get' without any relational sense of giving and receiving - that is - without honouring life at all. Instead it manually enacts the processing of material and emotional transactions, by the ticking of check boxes in templates designed to meet targets that substitute for a tangible fulfilment. Humanity acting in the image and likeness of our own machines.

Standards and rights that have become legally quantified and defined as part of protecting health and safety have also become another raft of weapons in war of self-interest or part of the blind machinery of law that cannot be implemented with proportionate discernment and discretion because, as law, its bluntness must be suffered by all. The soulless nature of modern society and business is both a cause and an effect of a pernicious selfishness that is blindly unaware of its lack of true basis, or the pattern of short term high followed by long term pain, in joylessness of being entangled in attempt to manage loss, rather than share life.

Milking 'the system', is made normal by all kinds of spin of self justification or tacit collusions but the system is not a merely system of mechanical processes so much as serving needs that are tangible and felt and an inherent expression of a relational dependency that we share as an inherent aspect of our nature and being.

In the imaginative attempt to be ourself separate, autonomous and worthy or powerful in our own right, we cut ourselves off from the wisdom, love and connected peace of our true being, and substitute a mutually defined sense of ourselves and the world, that we experience and suffer as real; to be manipulated or overcome or perfected according to our own judgements.

The 'way out' from a falsely framed situation is firstly to identify or recognize it, and then to refuse to act out from it as a foundation. In the lack of a manipulative or personal reaction, there is the space of awareness to feel the wholeness and presence of life rather than think apart. From this comes a capacity to listen and communicate that actually communicates shared value, rather than enacting war or grievance. That can address a failure of communication with a restoration of communication, rather than with blame and hatred and righteousness of self.
Sharing a sense of value is the nature of our being, and yet if we give that value to what is itself unreal, we multiply nothing at the expense of sharing something real.

The marketplace as a meeting place and upholder of culture is being lost to mechanism. Life to logistics and processing of data. This calls for waking up at a fundamental level, for our thinking itself is being conformed to a souless, joyless and manipulative - but false - foundation.
There is infinitely more to life than such thinking allows or experiences. Abundance arises of a freedom and generosity of spirit. Our collective bankruptcy is but a reflection of the mind by which we are deceived. See it and drop it! Be renewed of a different foundation and serve a truly heart-felt purpose. Shift from problem based thinking to love based thinking; the love that is simply a unified expression through being ourselves, together.

Thank you for your attention.

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