Sunday, 9 September 2012

Democracy in America

Democracy in America is a blog at the I commented this in an article about Michelle Obama's speech - but it is the nature of the political relationship and communication that I felt to address.

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Democracy in America... has become a naked attempt to manipulate rather than communicate.
The mimicry of communication by good (or poor) acting is perhaps best extolled by the USA - but is by no means particular to them.
The tribal nature that is drummed up in party conventions is a subset of the worship of one's nation - often equated with "God bless America".

The USA along with most other nations is not really a nation so much as a host in which corporate entities operate under the cover of whatever brand of dreams are particular to that region. Are not all governments puppets to the financial system that owns them and tells them what they are not allowed if they exceed their remit?
Meanwhile the assets are stripped and culture hollowed out.

It may be true that to tell it like it is, would be to be unelectable at best. But it may also be that in the era of a sophisticated manipulation of perception, no one - or almost no one would be able to hear.

God bless us all! - meaning, let no one be excluded from the worthiness of love's awareness.

The tea party and the occupy movement are symptoms of a break in the trust that held the American dream in place - but reaction is not itself going to uncover a fresh inspiration.

Democracy anywhere, is a fuzzy idea that COULD indicate a cultural willingness to communicate rather than use the forms of communication in order to prevail.

Competition has its own mentality; winning. The American Dream is like the lottery - everyone can be a Winner!
Getting things at the expense of others is not the same as living clearly and vigorously from a sense of shared integrity and value.

This wont come from politicians, but of an individual's desire for sanity. Dreams turn to nightmares, but sanity is waking up from a misperception.

Being human remains a particular kind of schoolroom. We're all in it together, playing apart, because that is the idol of independent identity. Love's awareness sees that for what it is, a story spun to play out a sense of specialness that cannot work even when it temporarily succeeds.

I look forward to the fertility that the collapse of the old thinking will bring but I don't expect it to go while it offers the illusion of control.

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