Monday, 9 July 2012

The right to be rude? Insult a criminal offence?

It is clear to see that special cases are given priority where other cases of a similar nature are ignored.
Where defamation of character is reasonable to challenge in law, hurt feelings are not.
A quickness to use a law that was supposed to protect, as a weapon, means that all other means are not first tried before a last resort.
The criminalisation and public demonization of thoughts is a tyranny that blocks the possibility of the healing of such thoughts.
As if fear and punishment and blame can stamp out fear and punishment and blame.

However, the non acceptance of habits of behaviour that were once accepted or unchallenged is a movement of integrity - and worth finding a better way of holding.

The capacity of the mind to dehumanize or blank another, devalues both the apparent victim and the apparent victimizer - though the recipient does not have to support the mentality to which they are exposed. One does not have to validate victimhood to express an integrity of being that calls for and witnesses truth.

The value of such understandings to humanity in its currently bankrupted and insanely dislocated state are INCALCULABLE - because they unlock the mind from its own self limiting errors and open pathways through which life flows abundantly.

But the passion and identification that human minds hold as their attempt to prevail or their attempt to protect from being prevailed over - make it almost impossible for such perspective to find welcome.

The true response to error is to correct it - but this is misunderstood if we think we can see a sin in another and escape it by stoning the other. Correction is witnessed by a realignment of harmony and not of an enforcement of will upon another.

Because we have each grown a vocabulary and perception of conflicted self, conflicted interests and a loveless or mean spirited and self righteous attempt to present ourselves justified - we have a war of communication. That is we use communication and 'truths' for a war that seems unquestionably real to us and a war which a fearful sense of self WANTS to be real - as it maintains the conditions in which we are hidden. It enables us to keep our mask without the knowledge that it is a mask.

A harmony of life is not a great mystery - though the depths of potential for such an alignment of heart and mind and communication surpass anything we could imagine possible.

One does not say to one who feels victim - "don't be a victim" but support that one in awakening and expressing their integrity - an integrity of being and not a mask of righteousness.

But when 'shit' comes to us, we do have an opportunity to pause from what may seem a righteous reaction, and listen deeper for the part we play in setting ourselves up for the experience. I am not saying that we consciously are responsible for our experience of what happens in our lives - but that we are unconscious to much of our wish, thought and intent - and that this is still active even though it is 'outlawed' or denied awareness. It simply manifests as our experience by different routes if one of them is blocked.

The current trend has been to manage and manipulate society - and this reflect perfectly the mind we accept as our self. If we want to see a more honest way of relating together we must honour what we are honestly feeling.

The mind of reaction is a programmed mind. It can be manipulated and coerced but to do so is to lose ones own communication to a manipulative mindset. To pause from reaction and release the emotional charge as a valid authority from which to act, is to allow a true authority to register in awareness.

We define freedom in our own self image. But freedom is itself free to disregard definitions and express itself in its true nature. While we feel our self concept must prevail, we suffer every kind of heartbreak and indignity and struggle amidst an overwhelming complexity of adversity - or numb our minds with whatever distracts so as to protect against the dispiriting weight of it.

The key to the release of self image and the awakening of a love and freedom believed lost, dead or impossible, is perhaps most simply offered in the phrase "Love thine enemy".
But realize that they are a role in your own script, that you are giving out - and that the welcome to yourself of what you had thought to deny and reject is your own Homecoming.

It will also reflect in the behaviours that proceed - but that is not the focus.

Thankyou for your attention.

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