Monday, 9 July 2012

If wilful destruction and vicious criminality is a spiritual experience, then

Any releasing of constraint can bring a sense of exhilaration. It might seem a spiritual experience because a temporary removal of limit allows a sense of freedom that feels personally magnified in a wilful act of force and justified by wish to be it.

Any 'High' can be given priority over a truly relational sense; going for a short term hit without regard for the wholeness of the situation.

The 'high' is fundamental to a 'lifestyle' culture that has no sense of true authority excepting the truths we choose to use for personal hit or benefit. A manipulative collusion of markets and media and government teaches that 'force and deception is the way to get things', because our minds are being constantly programmed or medicated with suggestive intent and distractive manipulation.

An awakening remorse may open in the midst of any loveless act - and so those ones shift in their mind, and behaviour follows. That is a spiritual experience - because it expresses a truly shared purpose.

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