Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Care fees paid AFTER you die

Trying to control life seems natural to a selfishnessness that sees everything in terms of its own interests. But it always paints itself into a corner, struggles, wears itself out and dies.

The breakdown of economic capacity to support the extraordinarily complex and conflicted entanglement is the revealing of lost or false foundation.

Be willing to question the foundations of the beliefs and ideas that are expressing a failed culture as a living alternative to persisting in an old conflicted and conflicting mentality.

Old ideas had their time, but become idolized out of context. To live within a context of unquestioned beliefs which run like a template may appeal to manipulators - but there's no fresh and lovely Life in it.

To be baited or seduced into grievance and reaction is to be sold a sense of self righteousness in exchange for your Real presence.

Your Real presence can feel the same in others. Care for all that is truly Home.

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