Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Britain's sick past: From consumption to Gulf War Syndrome, how sickness becomes fashionable

Looking at the world has led to an ever more complex and uncontrollable experience - (in which more and more energy and attention is given to the attempt to control or manage it! So I invite you to turn the instrument around and look at the mind.

Extrapolate the issue to its source; why are some aspects of this situation given priority over others?
Whilst all kinds of 'reasons' might be summoned up, it illustrates the nature of the mentality of divide and rule - for the mind of judgement usurps a wholeness of discernment, separates out from all that it judges and then seeks to prevail over its experience. It uses association with forms of truth to support its 'right and capacity' to persist as the judge but only selectively and to the degree that it can remain in control. It uses imaginative deception and distraction to keep attention engaged in protecting against a sense of danger that it actively protects within the defences it provides. It claims to speak for you. But does it?

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