Monday, 11 June 2012

Why the iPad is a waste of time

To an attention seeking article on the cusp of Apple news

Disingeneous promotion here!

A waste of time is time given to a purpose that is not your heart's true desire.
That we can waste time is evident because we can become infatuated with and indeed devote ourselves to or become mesmerised by that which we do not really want.

Those who have a clear sense of value and purpose - however that is expressed, are less liable to be seduced and manipulated by distraction.
The culture of modern media and consumption makes war upon our mind in attempt to win and manipulate and keep our attention - but it only only finds our attention where we are willing to give it.

The purpose we hold consciously in our Heart is the guide and protector of our day. The mind can wander - but in anyone Conscious, this will set off an alarm of dissonance, by which we pause, check in, and realign with our true desire.

'Ten thousand apps' was a reason not to get involved! But amidst any complexity or overflow of information, is called forth discernment in sorting and navigating what is actually relevant. (I didn't say productive).

There are many who want to get lost in distraction, because it allays a deeper dissonant sense of being out of true and the feelings of powerlessness or wrongness that are associated there. But such strategy is delay amidst suffering - albeit in disguise.

The joys of life are indeed joyful - and all the more lovely for being embraced without attempt to feed or validate self image.

Time can waste as well as being wasted. Have the time of our lives - not by cramming stimulation - but by relaxing into the moment that Is.

Thinking is the original virtual reality, and robs us of the glory - (the light of beauty) of our being. yet we are all mostly addicted to it as if it was our real self and not a virtual avatar experience we play out in form.

The issues of trust, privacy and control are brought out in our new technology. No one knows how this thing is working out but that it is bringing us to a place where deeply buried issues will be inescapably in our Face.

Thanks for your attention.

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