Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fear, scarcity, hysteria and the breakdown of communication

From public reaction and from these comments it would appear to be a very inflammable subject.
BLAME - of any kind - is antithetical to true vision and hence truly helpful outcomes - because blame is presumed already currency to be GOT RID OF onto others or your humiliation invalidates you.

We are collectively ADDICTED to external 'powers' and the illusion of authority they confer in a Faustian pact that hollows out our life to live out a lie that will OUT as sure as eggs is eggs.

The 'outing of the lie' is not the blame game - but the result of a true humility - that is - from a true accounting of our thoughts and values - and the world and culture that they create.

The natural reserves of this planet have been Prodigally wasted, because we forget the WHY and the WHAT FOR of our very lives - of our Conscious Being. It appears we DON'T WANT to be in touch with our Being - but would prefer the sport of a seemingly rebellious independence of mind that USES everything for its own ends.

Tweedledee and 'Dum AGREE to have a battle - for that is how fear distracts and blinds us from seeing more intimately, that which we are afraid to see.

It is never too late for Truth!

Scarcity is caused by fear's distortion and resulting imbalance. WHENCE COMES the deeper TRUST by which fear is dissolved? From a greater HONESTY. This is the real connection that is being threatened - not in Truth - but in our minds and resulting communications.

Blame gaming is the antithesis of a truly embraced responsibility. THIS is where the real toxic debt lies; guilt and fear.

As usual I have fallen through the surface to speak of what is always hidden by the surfaces. Fair and just relations are not the result of social engineering apart from the basic rules of holding our House in order.

The precariousness of our human situation beggars belief, yet there is always one step that can be taken in good heart - even if it is simply to refuse the perspective of a lie and be open to something greater than our own thinking.

I sense the Universe is Abundant in ways we have not recognised - and will not recognize - whilst asserting a private independent self sense UPON Life, and acting out-from the script that always comes from such a foundation.

I was replied to with a '"pull your neck in"
I replied

Thanks for the touch.

It is the nature of every heart to love truth, but the mind that wants to play its own game has to 'kill' the heart to seem to exist.

I was watching a pheasant eat at my bird feeder just minutes ago. Incredibly beautiful to simply be with, quite apart from the associations of them being incredibly stupid - perhaps due to being bred to be killed for sport.

A year or so ago I saw two male pigeons fighting in the way pheasants do - jumping up and down and having at each other. Only they were on a road and their engagement made them oblivious to the oncoming transit van. They gifted the world a momentary explosion of feathers - and marked a lesson in my heart.

There is so little sense in human communications because everyone winds their neck in. This makes them fearful and suspicious and unloving in their own perceptions - which easily become the 'reality' of which we share out from.

Despite appearances to the contrary, I feel there Is a movement within our hearts that (beneath the radar of the mind) is attracting a collective attention, and those who are willing, begin to question what they thought they KNEW. And those who insist on dreaming will do anything and everything to maintain distraction. But will have to do it unmasked of its glamour - and so it will disintegrate of any claim to true authority or allegiance.

I find both willingness and resistance in myself - and am learning to choose one and let the other go.

Who casts the first or any other stone must then duck, hide and lie. Unless of course they relinquish the temptation to be used by fear.

If now isn't a good time to break siege - when will now be different?

At times of fear coming to the surface - all kinds of stuff is triggered. If there is a real willingness to learn - these are ideal conditions. Perhaps I should have said 'consciously unlearn'.

There must be a better way - AND, I want to share in a willingness to be found in it - not by thinking - but by not thinking.


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