Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ownership and control of Information (Google's search overhaul)

 (I feel the issues around search technology go far deeper than is generally discussed or acknowledged and so I comment at that level)

Communication is generally blocked or distorted by application of  bias towards manipulating that process for private gain.

This inevitably leads to a war of competition and of armouring or workaround against such tactics, and escalates such that sharing information of integrity is lost.

When rules are made, they never lead to the expected or intended result because  the mind that makes its own rules looks for ways to exploit them for its own end.

Integrity of information and intent is increasingly scarce amidst a flood of information  designed to simply catch clicks in order to garner adword revenue.

That there is a reciprocal arrangement in which everyone wins ought to be the nature of transaction. Google succeeded by offering minimal distraction to searchers and also of generally offering a fast service that quickly led to finding what was sought.

In becoming by far the most used search service, they also command a vast advertising revenue as the place to advertize via - as well as an almost monopolistic power within which those who desire to be found by those who would benefit from finding them, have to work.

The movement is to personalizing our profile, such that our mind will be read via our history of usage and catered for. If such a path is being taken, I feel we should have transparency - and the capacity to  edit or delete our usage profile. Divide and rule is the nature of the breakdown of trust and therefore communication.

"Do no evil" is not about fitting into the filters of what anyone thinks is good or bad - but of aligning only with that which honours an integrity of wholeness. Deception, coercion and manipulation are normal aspects of politics, business and social transaction, but only insofar as we choose to act our such intent.

Tolkien may have been prophetic in the story of the 'one ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them' - because technology is seeming to offer such an opportunity to the (fearful) mind that wants such control.

Perhaps the direct evidence of such attempt to enslave, is triggering an awakening. First to that which was no longer trustworthy or meaningful to engage in or with - and secondly to the basis from which a true sanity of being can arise and know its own.

Free will is not a divine right to use all things for selfish ends - but is the capacity to realize the suffering or dysfunction we experience is a reflection of choices we are making and can therefore desist from validating.

Worldly power can seem to impose itself, but it does not have to be validated in our hearts and minds. Insofar as we are tempted to wield it, we need to tune in to a deeper sense of aliveness than reactive self interest, if we want to grow the Peace in place of feeding war.

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