Friday, 24 February 2012

Drought spreads across England

I have a sense that water is mined from sources that are not being replenished and which is a hidden or unreported in the media.

I also have a sense that by the time we are told about it, will be when the corporations own and control water in a way very similar to our  recent discovery of all these 'toxic' debts and deceptive 'financial instruments'.

Using up resources for personal profit is the way a limitless growth economy could be scammed onto the foolish. Scarcity becomes attractive to moneymakers because it offers a point of leverage and control.

Water may be cheap and plentiful enough to live even in drought Anglia - but it's availability is one of THE conditions for living.

We seem to have lost all the wisdom of our traditions - perhaps because the scamming of the foolish is by no means properly reported.

Sustainable living does not fit with corporate agendas. Nor joyful people - (excepting for their ads).
Corporate agendas tend to a lawlessness of intent because war is the model of their 'relationships'. They kill or be killed, and yet conspire together to keep us from participating directly in our own lives.

I trust that even Corporate thinking realizes the extremity of the times - and seeks to embody a greater responsibility for all - including themselves and their companies. The micro economy is of our personal level, domestic and community - and this needs protecting and nurturing instead of undermining so as to make us helpless dependant consumers - (to be dumped when there are no more jobs or welfare capacities).

We don't need GDP stats or  ghost jobs - we need to develop real assets that grow a real interdependent activity of mutual benefit from the ground up and from the top down. Water could be a Good Place to Start! Re-embracing our relationship with our living planet and each other.

If I'm wrong about the building up of a hidden water crisis (regardless of this drought), then hooray!

But please do report on any under the (water) table politics - as well as opening up a sense of practical options, on our relationship with water on both micro and macro levels.

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