Monday, 20 February 2012

Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth

These thoughts can be skimmed and forgotten - whether one enjoys or appreciates them or not.
What makes a difference is the soil into which they are received. How mindful is the reader of the true import of what is shared here? Not as fodder for a propaganda machine - but of our true nature and source? For beneath the defences is a story of love lost, of a disconnectedness at a primary level of our consciousness.

The transcendental nature of awakening is forever indescribable, but its fruits are its witness - and by discerning them do we grow less dense.
And our perspective shifts.

To seek to remedy the sickness with the mind that made the sickness is the kind of desperate attempt to re brand reality in ever more complex deceptions. There can be no peace or abiding fulfilment in deceptions - or fantasies brought forth to justify something that doesn't work and cannot work.

It isn't believing that is transformative - for the mind that operates as a separative reality can use any belief to suit its own interests.

Advertising is perpetually aimed at manipulating you via your beliefs - and in particular of a sense of personal insecurity or unvalidity.

To take the invitation of going into silence and letting Life Become in you, is a shortcut reality test to your own self acceptance. If in practice you uncover a can of worms - realize that such thought and emotion denied gentle release, are active beneath your radar 24/7.

Clinging onto the illusion of power is to be enslaved whilst believing oneself free. Yet to the mind that seeks to escape all true intimacy, such is the price willingly paid. We can recognize the mindset in our selves and starve it of nourishment. We can risk speaking the truth of our heart in trust that it knows how to give the form of its expression.

Now whether anyone likes it or not - we are in fundamental change of a nature that has one outcome and that is awakening to truth. A period of adjustment in market speak. And surprise surprise, as the worst of human intent and callousness is exposed on the main stage of the world.

Death seems to be an optional escape from unworkable impasse. Whether embraced in a will to unconsciousness or in hating and attacking our shadows in war.

The language that we have forgotten is one that speaks congruence of thought and mind and deed. But in a receptive, trusting stillness, the Movement of Being ill register with you - and you will know it by its fruits.

The self that lives by deceptions and masked presentations will not find anything but its own thoughts. But there is another way of looking at everything, and a mind is no more stuck than by its own carefully hidden wilfulness.

Please continue to post examples that invite a breaking through of a mindset of tyranny. For the love of that which Is shining gently upon itself - and yet will reintegrate all from a true foundation in place of a market for thought derivatives.

  • dedicatedtutoneilove
    20 February 2012 10:48PM
    "Clinging onto the illusion of power is to be enslaved whilst believing oneself free. Yet to the mind that seeks to escape all true intimacy, such is the price willingly paid."
    This is a very interesting and nice post that has got me thinking.. I'm not sure about the use of the expression " seeks to escape true intimacy" here.. unless it means the same as avoiding real responsibility and accountability.
    But I quite like this final reflection about something gentle and kind shining on itself in the meantime..etc. it seems quite Christian.

    You are welcome
    A true Intimacy is indescribable, it can only Live you. But Thay's intimation of the gently shining peace in each and every thing is a very apt symbol.
    We do not know that we are programmed by a will to power while we do not want to know. There are deeply held taboos that protect the mind from ... the mind. One could say we are temporarily distracted from the glory and wonder of life, over and over and over again...

    The sentence you quote:
    "Clinging onto the illusion of power is to be enslaved whilst believing oneself free. Yet to the mind that seeks to escape all true intimacy, such is the price willingly paid."

    Could be associated with Middle East dictators or the masterminds of the new world order, but really it is about all of us. But the world stage reflects what we can use to wake up.

    My primary communication would be to recognize that a wish for 'power over' as opposed to 'power with' - is being allowed to run unchecked as if it were the thoughts of our heart.

    If we choose coercive will, we have set our own experience as one in which we experience ourselves as opposed, limited, conflicted, disconnected, isolated and afraid. What is real communication but a deep willingness to listen in trust of discerning clear guidance for the best outcome or next step? But who can trust who is yet afraid of their own shadow - and claims righteousness in fighting a perceived and believed threat or evil?

    Wherever awakenings at a deeper level, find themselves seeding cultural change, there is the mind-making that coagulates around the spark. We humanly are not raised to be appreciated or valued for our presence but feel we have to make a mask to cope with what feels loveless. Then the mask becomes confused with presence and we seek to validate ourselves upon the world or upon each other - all the while forgetting that what is Real to our presence remains exactly as it is.

    Presence remains the seat of true power, but power is not wielded - but yielded to.

    These labels; buddhist, christian, scientist  etc - are unnecessarily divisive. A genuine desire to communicate finds universal value in expression. No one can really be what they make themselves, but they are free to live out their imaginative experience, until the dissonance of being out of true can no longer be kept out of mind or projected onto the world or on others.

    Ideas should never be given a blanket permission to run - especially good ones. To discern in the heart is not the same as thinking - though thinking might also happen. It is an active trust extending our own heart's acceptance. Heart and mind are one. Here is where presence is .
    Here is from whence a wholeness can communicate or guide or shift the mind that thought it thought alone, to a shared sense of being. It is not in special ones who seem to show a way - but in all.

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