Saturday, 25 February 2012

To God or not to God is not the question!

I'd dearly love to tell you of the Nature of God, not truly lost but merely forgotten amidst compelling distraction and false allure.

But for now am moved to say that for each of us our personna, in its orientation and strategy, indicates a mythos or story 'justification' for  separation (of God), whether expressed as a sense of  loss, abandonment and punishment or exclusion - or whether experienced as non-existence of feeling, as a 'world' in which love is weak, unreal and in-valid, and presumed or rendered absent from the very premises of thought, self and experience.

Such is the nature of our idolisation of - and preoccupation with - our thoughts, and of our identification with our particular personality stratagems for personal self 'salvation' (in terms of maintaining or prevailing as our 'self' amidst otherwise confusion), that it is very difficult to find a communication channel open.

Conflict is the very basis of the foundations of a psyche 'separated from God' - and the mode and game of conflict is its game, in which nothing is allowed to interfere ... until the game wears thin.

The term 'God' as I use it here, has nothing to do with our concepts of God or belief in such concept or investments in such belief or disbelief. It is a placeholder for direct experience, that cannot be given or communicated one to another, but like Manna (in the Bible story) - must be received and shared FRESH.

Fresh from a Source we (humanly) do not define, control, edit or manipulate.

Truth, Is (and is inherently undefinable). This Fact is Stillness of mind. (The absence or utter ineffectuality of any capacity to define).

But the Expression (or manifestations) by which Awareness knows Itself Aware, has qualities that can be recognised as the Singular Unifying and Timeless, space-less (or Non-Local), Basis, Nature and Condition.

Mr Dawkins is serving well in many respects the deconstruction of an external God. His science is serving the uncovering of a similarly illusory 'self' presumed to be 'internal' - and no more valid in 'understanding reality via laws' than of appealing wishfully to magic thoughts.

Any validity of our seeming 'self' is not in its myth of becoming or prevailing, but in its alignment with Universal Purpose;

"Know Thyself"

The wonder and vitality and energy and abundance of Life is given to share. Or rather its Nature is Shared. It is Being All That We Are. To step out of Life in attempt to control it, is an "As If". On the basis of "As If", the mind can fragment and spin out of control into ever more desperate attempts to retain a mind OF control.

O Love aren't you tired, yet?

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