Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Could Greece be the next Lehman Brothers? Yes – and potentially even worse

The system itself is bankrupt.
The mentality that is embodied in the system is bankrupt.
The system cannot fix itself because it can only use the mind that creates it.
An adjustment is the disappearing of an illusory sense of value or reality and a process of actually connecting.
Our minds need adjusting by a heartfelt desire for a true way to live.
Fearful resistance is so deeply embedded that we rarely awaken gracefully, but drag out in denial and evasion - using ingenious minds to keep the show on the road even as it simply becomes ever more deeply destructive and distractive to our real lives.

It may be that the world is on the slide into war. For war and death is an 'escape' from impasse that cannot be addressed. An out-of-control-ness that results from holding onto an illegitimate attempt to control.

But while its all up on the Big Screen, we have a millennial opportunity to see our minds reflected without dumping it onto others or the past, and allow a shift of our mind and our heart to open our perspective on everything.

Listen, receive and do.

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