Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I'd stake my life that Stephen Hawking is wrong about heaven

There is nothing so blinding as self image or concept.

This 'self' uses the body as its temporary 'home' and yet kills it over time - because the self is the idea of separating off from Life.

It usurps and distorts all that is eternally Alive in asserting its own 'kingdom'; its own judgement - and its own imaginative wishful thinking.

And yet it only works on a local copy.

That which is eternal is and always Is

What we choose to give our attention to is up to us.

But to let our mind rest of its attempt to 'understand' and thereby control all things to its own presumed perspective, is to allow the Universal Field of Being to align all things truly.

Because religion has been used as a tool of manipulation, its terms are degraded for those who refuse the carrot and the stick, but it remains true that if you cease to invest in your own definitions of life and others and the world, then you can experience the infilling Meaning that redeems and restores your awareness to its true roots - in a Non Local Field - even amidst all appearances of self and world and circumstance.

You are the scientist and you are the experiment in which you abandon the fearful, deceptive, mean spirited, self concerned mentality that is not worthy of the truth of You.

To those who still choose conflict as the lifeblood of their identity, hell is heaven and heaven is hell.

A modern fairytale is extinction - like a tv turned off. As if responsibility could EVER be truly evaded! Rude awakenings may nonetheless turn out to be helpful when help is accepted.

For by what we think and believe in our heart, we will experience.
If there is a desire to protect the thinking from the presence and relational current of feeling, then the dimension of Soul will be put aside, discarded, rendered invisible, unwanted - amidst a perpetual distraction that validates and enables thinking some more.

The god that we make is a symbolic representation that reflects something of the nature of our self. It can grow out from magical and fearful beginnings and become an opening way to a real relational receptivity.

God Presencing all things right where you are is all there is of you - not just in the locally defined sense of personhood and its experience - but as all in all.

Because such awareness or communioned being is prior to all thought processes, it is invisible and unthinkable and therefore non existent to a thinking based sense of self. Yet a thought cannot be observed but that Awareness is present.

We may define all things in our own image and live as if it were true - but we do not make awareness Be. Rest in the intimacy of your own being and don't get pulled into the crab-barrel of opinions. If you do not find rest, become a scientist. Watch the mind, the emotions, the body. See the nature of consciousness and see through your own deceptions. No one else can take this journey for you. You are free to take it when you are willing. Heaven is not what you think - but in letting your thought be guided in a truly listening heart, Love's Meaning will register with you.

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