Friday, 20 May 2011

Understanding Everyone: Empathic Reflections about Osama Bin-Laden’s Killing

"Even as you do unto any of men - you do unto Me.
I am the One who is with you now".

What you seem to do is an expression of what is in your heart. If fear and hatred find a place in your heart then you are lost to your love and will act insanely. But the healing of the heart does not lie in acting out from the belief that it's causes are out in the world or in the past, but in your willingness to be the love and see the love - even though love is beyond your own power to make.

The attempt to displace our own split mind onto the world and others can never be resolved in the world or by changing others.

While you seek to hide in the world, you need both enemy and conflict, in order to maintain a seemingly valid mind based upon a largely unconscious denial of your own thought.

None can be brought to reevaluate their own mind and experience but that they discover willingness freely in their own heart.

The seemingly endless conflict and suffering that man calls forth and takes value in is nonetheless the 'wake up' call for those who can no longer maintain their own illusions and believe them true.
Waking up is not an act or limited experience within the world but is the restoration to the mind of its true nature - such that stories of separation are no longer desired or acted out.
This moves us from viewing the world as persons or from identifying ourselves person. But opens to a living expression of the Life as it lives and moves and breathes all things.
God is no respecter of persons - because they are a mental construct in a script acted out as if it were real. Now, remains forever the point of responsibility - and the past is only substituted for it by our desire to experience a partiality as if it were real. This puts us in apparent conflict with reality. But only from the perspective grown within the illusion itself. Not in truth.
The undoing of sins is the nature of perfect love.
In preparation for receiving this we may find stepping stones - where we gain some sense of order amidst chaos by 'putting sins' onto a symbol - and killing it or driving it out. This is not the way that undoes sin - but simply seeds it in the darkness to rise again in other forms.

The mind that actively seeks vengeance cannot hear the call for truth - for it is possessed of its own assertions and a sense of surety that its grievance seems to prove. These are the poor for they know not what they are nor what they do. To love them for what they truly are is to grow the willingness for truth in one mind. One mind.
When the gift is given, it is received - even if the full acceptance of the gift is delayed.

Men live according to the thoughts that they accept into their minds. But have forsaken, denied, lost and forgotten their true relation and nature in their own thought.
To release judgement is to relinquish a power we never have had and become free of the effect of a false sense of self and life.
Truth is unbounded and undefinable - yet truly knowing and being known in perfect inclusion is not vague or thought derived experience.
This light cannot be communicated - but does communicate itself in its own way as we let it be our own foundation.

Thank you for your attention

In Peace


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