Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Out of the Loop

As our democracy has in so many ways become a farce with politicians spinning for position and privilege in an ever declining pretense to any real power for change, it is surprising that many are more than twice shy of getting involved?

The manipulation of perceptions is not the way to do business or politics or personal life - except as a short term deceit with long term consequences. Of course citizens use the same means to serve their own personal agendas and this is one reason why society has fragmented into alienated sections on so many levels.

There is a 'rightness of being' that can be felt and can communicate itself that is a different foundation from the self righteousness that we otherwise attempt to employ against a sense of 'wrongness of being'. In the latter is all the stuff of a world gone mad. In the former is life restored one step at a time to a sanity that the mad have by definition - forgot. It really is and feels alive - without needing hype and extra stimulation to prop it up or fuel it.

If a new movement arises - it is felt as a shift or change at a deeper level than re-branding the old with a bit of 'creative accounting' thrown into its makeup. This is a universal feeling and calls for aligning with a greater good than any of the personalities, parties or even policies involved. The willingness to work together is born out of the recognition of trust as essential to our mutual good. Despite history.
There will be those who still try to save only there own from ruin and this does undermine trust. We need to identify the mentality at work and address it honestly and not knee jerk into self righteous withdrawal from the larger process of communication that IS society.
There will be little appetite to get involved in politics from those who have been conditioned to consume and display as the expression of freedom.

It is to be seen if this political change sparks a resurgent willingness to engage in real discussion, participation and support for social and political change beyond a desire making life comfortable enough to go back to sleep again. For whatever the political activity of a citizen, most may yet be politically neutered by the indoctrination of the illusion of freedom that is fed out to 'consumers' at much deeper levels than most realize - otherwise we would not all have woken to find such a nightmare unfolding as it is appearing in terms of negative social change caused by the breakdown of the capacity to control life 'on my terms' - or indeed trust the balance such desire for power in market based models.
The sanity that underlies wisdom is nothing new - but the sense of life that is discovered by following it is indeed life felt anew.
To be wholehearted in  life is a wonderful thing - do not wait for politicians, but do be part of the health and heart of this world - and learn to discern the true and the false. They are seemingly mixed up because our minds are mixed up. Real communication opens a larger circle in which apparent differences can become workable in common purpose and a cause for a deepening appreciation of life.

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