Monday, 19 April 2010

"Do Liberal Democrat policies represent change?"

The nature of the changes that I feel are and will increasingly be called forth are not yet within the vision of any political movement, but there are steps that begin to open to that change just as there are steps that continue to act as if the past is still the present.
Policies are a starting point and some of the Lib Dem policies have merit - as have some of other parties policies.
What I would hope for from the Lib Dems is a willingness to bring some fresh air in the way in which politicians conduct business and the way in which they relate to the public - and to the media.
Whatever party is elected will have to engage an extremely difficult job and the best way to deal with it is not to bluff and bluster with spin and reviews and reports and targets and statistical outcomes that mean sweet nothing and delay and obstruct the functionality of many services from running well.
The best way is to engage in real and constructive communication with the spectrum of social and political perspectives and having assessed what steps are possible and positive - to take them without apology or fanfare and do so with a positive demeanour because they are steps we can actually take together.

The new ideas that can offer intelligent response to our many levelled crisis have to find channels of expression and begin to register as a real movement that aligns with life and not merely private gain at common cost. This is not currently feasible in the Labour or Conservative camps because they are locked into C20th politics which is largely an ineffectual front on a relatively powerless job in so many respects. Who and what really call the shots? Where is themoney and the power - and where is the voice that can speak without its master telling it what to say?

The loosening of our minds and the widening of our possibilities has to find a way to happen for creative change that isn't just change for its own sake or to make a mark,
There needs to be a sense that politics is possible for all kinds of approaches and ways of living together on this Earth - so that people across the spectrum engage in political and social change in common intent and endeavour.

I feel the Lib Dem vote is a vote for their desire to serve the trust that will be given them as best as they may- and to break the stranglhold of the two party system that has a diminishing credibility.

Will the Lib Dems live up to any of my hopes? Not if we have unrealistic expectations from a consumer-like dependency. It isn't the politicians who lead change - but Individuals working in society.
It may be that any party taking office is essentially told what it can and cant do amidst extreme constraint.
Lib Dems may be less likely to pretend they are actually in power and more willing to open conversations that we are not engaging and which must begin to engage.

They have my vote - and I reject the notion of being told to vote to keep the 'other lot' out.The Berlin Wall could never come down. But it did.

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  1. Mmmm Brian. I don't know about England, and it has become very apparent here that liberal policies are anything but democratic, ditto the 'democrats'. Who's pulling the strings and what's the agenda are the questions indeed and the answers aren't pretty.

    The solution is to live the correction, and in so doing, to wake up.