Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcano Cloud over Europe

Of course there are all sorts of immediate practical difficulties associated with this event, but I would encourage some comment that acknowledged the greater picture of our usually taken for granted dependencies on both man made and natural infrastructure. Not from a place of scaremongering or blame-dealing or news-selling but simply to take an occasion to acknowledge a proportional sense of humility and an appreciation of a  commonwealth which we all tend to neglect in a human busy ness.

Amidst such times of change - we need occasion to pause and consider a bigger picture than our immediate perceptions and reactions, for wisdom tends to proceed from an acknowledged humility.

There is a quiet, in the sky, and a quiet in our minds perhaps as well. This may be a disquiet relative to our sense of being in control - but is a condition in which life can touch us - just as when we are snowed in.

It also occurs to me that the actual dangers of jets flying may be litigational and of a mind that is increasingly risk averse. I don't mean that real danger should be disregarded - but that there is these days  increasingly a shutdown of function around degrees of danger that once would have been negotiated or reacted to in more flexible ways. In short, I say that we cripple our capacity to function due to worshipping false gods. At some point there must be a reclaiming of living life from the edicts of the mind that purports to save it.

I note test flights have been conducted to assess damage and I would appreciate further news of this - and acknowledgement of the UNDERLYING MENTALITIES that govern our perceptions and reactions.

Though it is a new and rare occurrence, there is nothing we can do to stop this condition from continuing on and off - any more that we can CONTROL the El Nino current etc.

If we were more honest about our actual state - would we live differently? Perhaps less frantically and more harmoniously?

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