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Reflections on Global Catastrophe

in response to the themes in:

Iain Davis


You provide a clear exposition of a situation in terms of conflicting interests, that at the same time appear to operate common purpose through polarised 'identities' or proxies.
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum agreed to have a battle.

The notion of a subset of people living the 'control' identity that seems to run behind appearances as 'power over life' or humanly be-lived realities becomes a sense of some sort of Script playing out as a framework in and by which others (mostly) are masked from yet in a significant way masked in. A 'control mindset' running from and within a narrative sense of self-justification as a 'freedom' that is 'compelled' by circumstance to frame its perceptions and choices accordingly. This is always much easier to observe in others - such as to predicate our mind to look for and find fault in others by which to justify the withholding of love (acknowledgement of and honour for being), or the judgements of social distancing, and consequent masking as the false virtue in the claim to moral accusation and attack of 'othering' by which to boost a masking sense of self-illusion.

The 9/11 tipping point as World Staged, is the open declaration of the usurping lie as overt and systemic control. The flip side (there is always a flip side) is the Call for Help is coded as the message to any mind finding itself trapped in conflicting lies vying for 'validation' as if to attain the final judgement that cannot be questioned.

Lies or invested and protected self-illusion by definition usurp the true witness and worship of our Spirit - which I also feel to put as true with-ness and worth-ship - for these are the expression of a coherent and integrative cultural consciousness arising from relationship and communication, rather than pre-emptively imposed as an 'ideal' of what the situation 'should' be or fails to be such as to be judged unworthy from an ideologically 'captured' mindset.

Minding is a verb from which we presume a noun to represent habits of conditioned learning or ability as our 'mind'. The attempt to fix or finally 'solve' a mind set in its own conflicts is a self-destructive futility - yet it runs until recognition stirs as the basis for questioning the 'masking strategy' of a self-adaptation that has run a self-reinforcing loop against the shadows of its own self-image.

For do we not 'see' the intentions and motivations of 'others' through our own? Or rather, compound such assumptions by reacting to them rather than bring our attention present?

It is my witness that the 'Script' of the ego set for 'getting' out of lack generated BY conflict of self (actuality) and image or symbolic representation– brings us each, together and ultimately all, to a 'bottoming out' or flip from lie-based struggle seeking to weaponise life and truth, to an uncovering and sharing in a life aligned for giving and receiving as one. Here is the 'zero-point' energy of an infinite embrace, within or beneath all expression of polarities - that only seems zero or void to a push-pull distortion or action-reactive script.

The term 'awake' like the shadow 'woke' becomes part of a masking in name, image, form and identity that runs as a 'deceiver' until released from service.

I cannot 'settle' in an identification with any 'side' but grow in discerning that which sides with support for living within a worthiness, that is not manufactured.
The house built on lies has no foundation. A world built on lies is self-destructing - or rather disintegrating as a capacity to run covert identity. Hence the 'double down in fear, conflict and war'. What shall be revealed when masking is unveiled? We are never as awake as we think.

A resonant appreciation is of the nature of love without strings attached, there is no other, but there is a rich tapestry of unique perspectives as the realm of life as the relational expression communication or communication of a confluence of interest rather than a conflict or balance of powers.
What is Satan's role in bringing the Job to fruition?
Releasing who I recognise I am not, opens the way for who I am to register as the true movement of the heart. Sometimes gracefully, but also through or despite a mess of conflicting contradictions set in struggle as a masking narrative for self, by which to pass off to others or world, as a coping survival complex of a script given power as guide and protector.

I see the term 'surrogate power' as the nature of a relational agreement, that can become corrupted, such as the mind or system that reverses natural order - as if we can Really be trapped in or destroyed by our own thought - or to put this in another way, create our Reality.

#2 Ian's article posted to Off-Guardian where I also commented:

The thermodynamic model is a closed system.
Fabians hold war as the worth & nature of reality as resource competition under increasing scarcity. So also to engineer scarcity as a means of control). So also to engineer masking narratives as means of control

Plasma physics - at all scales is a 'closed/open' system.
What we discarded as Space or vacuum, is an Infinity of self-organising charge-domains.
Prison Planet is appropriate symbol for a mind in lockdown to its object model - or perhaps at the cusp of Childhood's End.

Everything is compressing down to a crossover point.
The need is energetically felt as the refining down to seed essentials.
But acted out in habit as the doubling down in 'identity threat react'.

Contraction is a death or degradation - such as 'reset' thinking in the frame of 'control'.
Compression is essential to living cycles at all scales.
The choice I see, is whether:
-to value a living choice by extending that gift to others and to life, (Yielding up to an expanded perspective).
-to die in chosen self-illusions (giving battle)
-to embrace death as saving from the pain of consciousness as the Call to live, under accumulated burdens. (Giving up).

The freedom to live this experience of unfolding is easily forgot in our emotional identifications and reactions, that are part of our means to navigate or even focus in it.

Boundaried domains within an Open Infinity seems contradictory to concepts as objects, but relational energetic and informational exchange is the very basis of all expression or embodiment.
Boundary as medium of Communication rather than as a lockdown against fear in masking defences internalised as 'normalised habit' of programmed response.

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