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Vibrational Reality - Spiritual Responsibility


Daniel shared a channelled message into the above page that drew a variety of comments. My response to the thread was prompted by:


Invisible Man:

My point is that the world is not and never has been the way he depicts it. The complex course of human history cannot be legitimately reduced to the picture he paints of higher and lower vibrational energies. It’s not that simple and never has been.

History is littered with the bodies of enlightened and harmonized peoples being slaughtered or subjugated by unenlightened and disharmonious purveyors of violence and bloodshed.

It is very simple in principle. Each has joined in making a realm of choice as 'limit by divide and rule' or conflicted fear and  control. We may choose to persist a world made by history stamped on the face of a presence denied into a future with no escape. Or 'take up thy bed and walk' OUT of a story that gave an identity set in evasion of Room 101. For the world you litter with bodies is a realm of fear, pain and loss of love set in armour.

The complexity of defences against exposure to feared truth are the choice to persist in futility of looking for anything true in the realm of its denial.

Truth never rejects or abandons a mind set in its denial. It does not reciprocate or enter conflict, and so to a world of conflict it is 'dead', broken, lost, victim or avenger. But that is not truth. That is what we make of our image and concept of truth. But as the giver of such meaning, we set the measure of our condition and conditioning.

That bodies are temporary is merely transience of all phenomena. They represent our visibility and tangibility in form. Love looks past the body to recognise itself by extension. Give as you would receive. Fear stops at the body to see only in terms of a past made in anger. Receiving as it knows not that it 'gives' as the justification for withholding, distancing, and projection of judgements, made normal.

The lockdown of a split off mind to the body as separator/distance from overwhelming fear, is the result of using the mind for attack.

You can observe your thoughts, and in the noticing, align in those that connect and align coherence of experience. Or you can let them run along habitual pathways of perception-response that effectively mask and protect a surface sense of self and world from its underlying beliefs and definitions. But the body will always be history except it is released to transparency of function.

If you use the body as a vehicle or instrument of a greater Communication, you allow it to serve its natural function. If you assign it to serve as a basis to enact fantasy upon, you block your own channel of Communication to engage or dally in your own private reality or self-illusion. No matter how many join in lies, they can never become true, but that wont stop their 'war on truth' as the attempt to usurp and replace it. Only you can choose to release a futility that costs the awareness of sharing the life you have and are.

The term 'Higher vibration' can of course become a mask of egoic narcissism, but so can 'social justice', for any virtue can be masked in or passed off as by attempt to make fantasy real. There is a territory to which any map points that can only be directly lived to be recognised. If Daniel's shoe does not fit, do not wear it! But if you love life, be that, as your freedom willingly aligns. You will always meet changing conditions in life. What you give and live remains your freedom.

Contraction and dissociation in fear's distortion is not an inclusive, shared, harmonious state, but if you recognise its mask as the ignorance and arrogance of a blind world, you may instantly shift to a perspective that joins with our human experience as a compassionate appreciation and acceptance. Whether you call the thoughts of connection and gratitude 'higher' or not is up to you, but I recognise a prior inclusive quality of being that the mind of rules and filters seems to process as its personal interpretation of its own reality. I cannot give this experience directly to another. That is their freedom to uncover.

Thoughts of attunement of heart and mind in unified purpose are not in the frame of the world we define to predict and control, but are an inspired basis from which to live our choices, engage our relationships and undertake endeavours. The anti-spiritual worship of death as power set over Life is a death cult for a fragmented, alienated, dissociated sense of denial.

You set spiritual responsibility as if at war with social economic and political responsibility - but why? Is it possible that persistence in changing others and world to fit our terms and conditions is the problem running as the promise of a solution?

Head and heart work together when not set at war by the attempt to coerce or sacrifice the heart to fantasies of life acted out on the body and world. There is a better world to uncover than competing narrative identity, through communication and relationship - which is at once within and without. A tooled mindset can be used to override or bypass relational honesty for a time, but it cannot hold the conditions for life and so 'death' is its release to a fresh expression. That which lives all things is not IN the things nor dies with them, but we open deep attachment within the experience of our world in which a greater life is forgot, yet sought for in thinks and things that come to pass as if the world can answer a problem we are set in.



Power set in the world is the realm of struggle.

If you assign, flag or give power to externals, you are framed and conditioned by the meanings running as a socially masking currency of ideas.

Look at covidians, fighting a virus! or fighting with lies to leverage the viral masses into slavery as protection from guilt for existing.

A masking reality made real by all the measures raised in reactive defence.

Give no power to the 'threat-conditioning' and recognise power in the mind of definition.

Huxley conditions you to a slave mind, but only if you take it on face value.

Control mind/slave mind operate the victim/victimiser mindset. Some forms of slavery seem like freedom. Or set the terms in which to struggle for what the terms rule out.

Daniel put a channelled text in - whether through hime or elsewhere.

Confusing the levels is the problem. When words are given to the formless there can be a recognition in the heart of insight. But these can and will become another layer of masking for the ego of self set in image and form.

This is always the way of anything coming into the 'world'.

So the issue is where do we read from?

Where are we tuning in from?

If you listen in the heart you discern messages of the heart.

If you listen in the world you look for reinforcement, ammunition, or a better handle for the face of control. But they are not exclusive. The heart of the desire to share life embraces the world. But a mind set in masking armour, struggle and vengeance excludes the heart excepting as coerced to serve in compliance and sacrifice. These can be called vibrational thoughts or realities. Of course the heart can be masked in - but that has no power to heal or truly share. Join in a masking sideshow if you will.

Much that is feared is love, and much that is taken as love is fear masking.

Discernment HAS to be an individual freedom, and cannot be systemically replaced. That fear is conflicted love is hidden, yet love is unconflicted.

The 'message' can obviously be read or interpreted in many ways by many minds. The key is what is the message you are seeking, for what you are finding is the true feedback to what you are actively seeking regardless the mask of presentation to self and others.

I don't  have an issue with our freedom to read things as we choose to, but I write for the freedom to open depth of perspectives that are part of the whole as a part of where freedom knows itself free - rather than thinking in terms of escape or overcoming prisons that have inner and outer components.



Ok - why do you see a message as 'reductive formulations' and deride what you made of it for not being the whole truth, as if you have the higher vibrational ground to tell others where their errors lie? And why cant Genghis Khan align in the life given him to be that, no more no less - along with Emily Dickenson and yourself?

Is there a formula for adequacy in the face of rising tyranny?

What is adequacy in the face of rising tyranny?

If a new age - as distinct from Big Brother's Boot stamping your face - is a seed of capacity to grow and share despite or regardless the machinations of fear and control, would it be the refined and essential core discernment gathered from all that has been lived? Fear is not the true harvest, though this is being gathered in as the choice to persist under fearful or tyrannous thinking - presenting as if to make you safe.

The nature of peace and safety in Spirit has nothing to do with image and forms of such association. When you are truly aligned in desire and purpose you are being no one and nothing else. I didn't see Daniel's message as selling anything or telling you who you should be. You gave yourself your own message.

Violence is very much part of the human conditioning. Civilising suppresses much of it, but its basis has not gone away, so much as masked in the forms of order and control.

Aligning freely in an order that comes from within Life as a wholeness rising, is a different order. It is NOT formulaic - but nor is it anti-formulaic. For an oppositional mindset, wholeness is ruled out, and usurped by conflict set in narrative. Pet hates are where we love to hate, and draw sustenance from attack set as virtue. All consuming hate drives tyranny in vengeance for life denied. It does the thing it hates. It may mask as benevolence but if your are at all intuitive you will pick up the vibrations of dissonance, disturbance and joylessness - especially when they announce how passionately they care!

Messages are nothing unless received, understood and lived as an expression of worth. There is a mind set against letting anything in that doesn't support and comply with narrative dictates. It generally runs invisibly, automatically as a normal.

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