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Engineers of Destruction?

The above links is speaking to a whole realm of potential toxicity and destructive consequence that links in with 'vaccines' which don't qualify for the term, but it is commonly used.One of the commenters brought in a spiritual perspective and that prompted me to do likewise.

I find the same principle illumined by A Course in Miracles, which remains my clearest 'tuning fork' for perspective on conflicted  mind and experience.

But makes no sense to the ego of such an adaptation.

The mind can be used to repackage psychic conflict or 'toxic debts' to 'externalised' or cast out displacement 'realities' - that necessarily mask or filter and distort What is neither 'in or out' but Is.

The development of thought, technology and tools is the subjection to them - while we are actively tooled to their formative purpose. Resonant connection/communication operates transient domains of compartmentalisations or levels that are formative or can operate block of function to  communication.

Thats a fancy new way of saying we can align in truth or choose to engage in self-illusion. as a freedom to delay acceptance of truth. In other words open and explore the experience of representation for That Anything Is - and That I Am. Neither of which is a body or agency in and of itself.

The development of toxicity by which Life and Consciousness are not only degraded and denied but captured to do unto itself by its own thinking, is NOT just a physical phenomena. There are no purely physical phenomena, even if we can frame the basis of a world in certain fundamental agreements.

The attempt to deny and cast out psychic conflicts by seeming solutions that then become the arena for their playing out (where they can not be truly addressed or resolved), is a predicate of the 'mind' we operate largely from, without observation OF - though we see the patterns and device of psychic-emotional defences in Others readily enough.

There is a TS Elliot poem in which 'we arrive at our starting place to know it for the first time'. I also equate this with looking directly upon the foundation for the 'mind of attack (defence), within desire to heal, such as to be released of attack on God and Self that runs hidden for the 'saving' of a separate self sense set in its own 'life' against fear of, pain, loss of face and control or death.

There is a fundamental law or equation of giving and receiving that in moder terms if often referred to as garbage in; garbage out . A conflicted and incoherent reality is thus feedback to faulty thinking - or self contradictory conflicts wrapped up and running as a background default, in which all else is 'hostage'.

Looking at at fears so as to be free to look beyond them, is the recognition of 'choices' or paths of habit that run as subconscious choices that can be generational, cultural and species wide adaptation to separation trauma.

I am not saying we are not capable of generating experience of a degradation of humankind to a new normal of Munschian Scream as feeling-blocked collectivised hive bots with no capacity to move any consciousness of asking and answer outside fear's dictate. But I still hold that to look on the Gates of Hell is to recognise who ad what we are not. While the mind is set in evasion, what we are seeking to escape is held in mind, but masked in the virtue of whatever process of overcoming, eradication and escape. And by polarised reaction, to breakdown or destroy such a mask seen in others. Fear begets itself as control, which is in a sense a mechanical or artificial construct through which to 'replace or substitute' for Life.

Material sense will not grasp, see or recognise, because that is its function. However the physical tangibility of our experience is part of a spectrum of reflected result to projected thought. It is the use of the body as a limit, distance, lockdown and masking that blocks awareness of true function. 

The attempt to kill or deny Life takes many forms. The mind has normalised or developed and adapted to mitigate and minimise hate. But at an ever accumulating toxic cost. Its latest iteration is a global biosecurity state.

Do we set up our own curriculum in ignorance and arrogance that becomes a path for release after 'bottoming out'?



So how does one combat that? The fear that’s being generated in these circular psychological operations?

So on that nanoparticle issue did you see this? … Or this?

To your question:
Insofar as we are not free of fear, respect that we have underlying belief that can deliver us unto evil so be wise and vigilant with regard to not already having reacted in its frame.
The idea of ‘combat’ for fear is such an example.
The nature of fear is that once chosen, its repackaging operates as IF being done to by external forces, agents or conditions.
That fear is a choice is also that love is free-willingly accepted.
If we are free to love self-illusion of contradictory ideas of self and reality, we are free to want to be what we are not or want not to be That we are.

For my part I recognise fear as a sign of symptom of a partial or false formulation of reality, taken as true, and so, there is the enquiry. ‘what is true here?’ but with willingness to be shown or notice what the mind does not see because it is already framed in core beliefs and definitions that run as unquestionable narrative realities – relative to a sense of continuity and ‘survival’ in currently accepted terms and conditions.

The pattern-idea of a dissociated and disconnected ‘consciousness’ seeking to define and control its environment, as it is already defining and controlling its ‘own thought’, holds the archetype of remaking Life in its own image. Where image and form is taken as the limit and measure of Reality. This attack on Life, exhibits Self-hatred, which can arise from lack of support for who we imagine and want ourself to be, as experience of rejection, abandonment, betrayal and therefore hate. It is the shadow side of a conditional ‘love’. Unconditional or perfect love casts out fear. But cannot be replicated, manufactured or imagined into existence as it is the basis of all existence, even as support for the freedom to experience what is, through the frame of what is not, to limit, divide and attack yourself, over and over again.
What are the limits put upon your mind?
That are not at some level the result of your own acceptance and alignment in thought?

If there is a basis in love of life for NOT accepting thoughts, do not let them run your mind. Even if you currently cannot fully understand how they are to be revealed lacking in truth. Releasing the world of what I thought and took it to be is living from a different sense of Self and Life than that of a combatant, deep behind enemy lines.

Those combating the mutating covid psyop are not free to reevaluate its basis in fact.

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