Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Fear Makes Us a Stranger to Our Self


I am not identifying in in the frame of an oppositional will, but of uncovering a true will - an unconflicted recognition that aligns thought, word and deed.

I am not saying I have no habits and temptations to be phished by reaction such as to see in terms of who I then think I am - or am set against. So I recognise that to those who are set in opposition as the only salvation, I must appear to be a 'controlled or captured opposition' for 'who is not with us, is against us' as Bush senior liked to say. But I am with you, as a freedom to think and give or share and express or act, even if I may not always support your current choices.

You may think you are free to think, but are you free to question all thought? And from what basis CAN we evaluate our own mind?

Fear has made us stranger to our self, such that what we are in truth becomes alien to a 'sense of self' set in opposition, distance, lockdown and masking narratives taken as salvation - and thus protected from real question, for the narrative rules and filters are the operating system of what can be run as thought. In this sense fear is the psyop of a fake substitution for Reality by an interjection that - once we open a place from which to evaluate it truly - will reveal itself increasingly insane or obviously contrived to cover over and deny BY its codified displacement-mapping. There is no way to speak directly to those who are actively denying their own Right mind as their own conviction they are as their thought, fear and world dictate.

But there is a way to extend and invite relationship as a potential for willingness to share something true - such as acknowledgement of existence of another as a living being of choice, or freedom to choose at the level of thought, for all actions are expressions - or suppression of expression, of a perception or appreciation that involved selective interpretations.

This can be likened to working within the mad dream towards waking up from its central premise, without destroying the consciousness of the current set of choices. In this sense truth heals and undoes untruth rather than opposing illusions as if they ARE true, but only as you willingly accept and desire.

Because your questions and assertions are all 'in the world' and in particular set in the judgement of PERSONS, they frame 'answer' in the terms you set.

Mikovitch dedicated her life to fighting cancer (then believed to have viral cause) as a result of tragic loss. We can be set in fundamental ways by trauma. Belief that we are Called to defeat terrible evils that others can then be saved from having to live such overwhelming and hateful experience - will subjugate all else to serve purpose, but when she found out about contaminated vaccines, she was unwilling to join in hiding it. She is also very stubborn and doesn't like being told what to do. So she broke from the Message or Narrative that then revealed just how blind and loveless it was, and she has suffered as a result, and she retains grievance that seeks to regain what she feels denied and deprived of. This is also a blind spot in which all else can be subordinated to attaining justice. If you saw her with Andrew Kaufman, you may see she is deeply invested in the pathogenic viral model even though unable to meet his simple questions in a like response. However, I don't feel to push malign intent on her even though she undermines her own credibility as a a witness in regard to her own unresolved conflicts, which are replaying through the very technology she was trained to develop as an opposition to such outcomes.

The danger of training in any field of specialised focus, is of becoming tooled to see only through the model of one's training or indeed indoctrination. Narrative capture is what science was supposed to free us from, yet institutionally became the mask of unquestionable dogma.

I am aligned in terrain or Living Field theory and experience myself as an expression of the Field, rather than as an asymptomatic psychopath, waiting to be triggered. Yet I see a psycho-pathy of dissociation or split mind that is much easier to judge in others than recognise in act, when part of my OWN self-protective recoil from learned or conditioned threat. For the mind is divinely expert and ingenious as a means for masking over what I it is predicated to deny while I am unready or unwilling to accept.

Our human world - as a masking narrative overlay given currency - is a complex mass of projected, cast out and denied conflict evasion for the sake of protecting a self-separate or private sense of covertly controlling ID, as the basis and result of a dream-turned to nightmare. Be careful what you wish for. Or rather be consciously aware of the mind's capacity to wish instead of will, such as to then deny the living will for a mindset in wishing, given power and protection in our name. IE: I WANT IT THUS!!!

Reading what runs beneath appearances is not a means to gain power over anyone else, but a restoration or renewal of awareness at the heart. I can let you be part of my willingness to wake from a futile and mad world by releasing you of what I thought or judged you to be. Now I know you not, but am free to learn of you anew. This meaning of forgiveness has nothing to do with WHAT you or anyone seemed to do or represent in my own judgement. Release is not IN the world, where you are responsible for your own choices because you are free to learn from living them. (And this includes the choice to give choice to experts or institutions, systems and rules).

Self-forgiveness has everything to do with a true escape from fear - if only at first as a partial willingness to consider for an instant, taken from fear's dictate.

I am not Reiner Fuellmich's judge. But if I needed legal support I would trust his integrity to do the best he can with what he has. If you think he is paid to act out a front for an alien or inhuman agenda, then that may say something about you. Yes there are built in deceits as regards legality assigned to contractual agreements and what is Lawful in truth, but in practical terms, releasing the entanglement with all the other crabs in a crab barrel is aligning in a workability for what serves as key to a living purpose now. For the nature of the divide and rule is division and conflict by which to lockstep in ruling OUT, even while valiantly hitting Tweedledum with your 'truther rattle'.

Aligning against unreality as if to get it to change is to become unreal.

This is a variation on the theme of 'getting rid of the ego'. This is the most prized agenda of the ego. Putting it behind you is letting the passed be past, so as to align in what truly moves you, and BE your life, instead of reiterating the hateful or hurtful in the rage that seeks to stamp it out for messing with My Plan as to what everything should be.

I recognise and appreciate others in their dedication and alignment of purpose, whatever their starting place or current level or awareness. I also see where their personality gets in the way or even parodies a caricature of the one who lives but know not who they are. This is where I can be phished by judgements. We have each our own strengths and liabilities and often take one to be the other. Relationships are the crucible of transformation. Distancing and masking in protected circles become unreal, or out of sync with Reality. Fear DOES what it defends.

Your judgements cut both ways. We all have experienced the itch to seek support and validation for our story, but the more we scratch it, the worse it gets. Too much inflammation! If you are shown the false is false, why do you not abandon or release it to let in the true? Is the Call to waking everyone ELSE up a form of captured or controlled opposition?

I am not having a go at you here, but joining in a freedom to think - or align in thoughts that reflect a resonance with something wholly worthy to share in.

If you or anyone reading is interested, I put this post, AND ALSO an inspirational synchronicity for this morning on my blog-dump (which I accept is a repository of willingness in attempt to sketch a bridge of reintegrative awareness in relation to whatever the world brings to my given attention). This post is reflecting in the themes you bring, at a level that is free to look at them and not just operate them as if they are built in meanings that Reality must conform to.

I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

Fear is a stranger to the ways of love.

Identify with fear, and you will be a stranger to yourself.

And thus you are unknown to you.

What is your Self remains an alien to the part of you which thinks that it is real, but different from yourself.

Who could be sane in such a circumstance?

Who but a madman could believe he is what he is not, and judge against himself?

There is a stranger in our midst, who comes from an idea so foreign to the truth he speaks a different language, looks upon a world truth does not know, and understands what truth regards as senseless.

Stranger yet, he does not recognize to whom he comes, and yet maintains his home belongs to him, while he is alien now who is at home.

And yet, how easy it would be to say, "This is my home.

Here I belong, and will not leave because a madman says I must."

What reason is there for not saying this?

What could the reason be except that you had asked this stranger in to take your place, and let you be a stranger to yourself?

No one would let himself be dispossessed so needlessly, unless he thought there were another home more suited to his tastes.

Who is the stranger?

Is it fear or you who are unsuited to the home which God provided for His Son?

Is fear His Own, created in His likeness?

Is it fear that love completes, and is completed by?

There is no home can shelter love and fear.

They cannot coexist.

If you are real, then fear must be illusion.

And if fear is real, then you do not exist at all.

How simply, then, the question is resolved.

Who fears has but denied himself and said, "I am the stranger here.

(From A Course in Miracles, lesson 160) 


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've read masters who've said all problems stem from a lack of awareness at the problem's roots. In a world filled with billions of sleepwalking people, that's a lot of problems. I'm surprised there's not more fear, anger, frustration, and depression out there. Me? I'm grateful to be here right now drinking my coffee. Looking out the window at the mountains and a clear blue sky. Breathing...

  2. A world full of sleepwalking people is what we 'see' when we operate a distorted awareness as a problem driven from false roots.

    The only way to truly see is to release our own active ignorance of true awareness, and let another world be revealed.

    What we look with is part of what we 'see'.
    Gratitude is never alone.

  3. consciousness is our only salvation.


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