Thursday, 24 September 2020

The heat death of the 'virus' and the cycles of life 

(The commenters here prefer evidence based science rather than being hit by a stick or deceived by a study called 'the science'. So your not being understood needs to take into account an ongoing sense of being actively dis-informed or passively mis-informed under a masking in or presumption of science).

Patrick, If I understand you right, you are passing on scientific information that verifiably finds that temperature (ambient heat) is critical to the composition of what we are calling viruses and assigning the function of pathological infection vector. Such that at higher temperatures (summer), their composition breaks down as a protein covered fragment of RNA or DNA.

This also associates with the cooler (respiratory) regions being the receptive terrain to taking in and perhaps replicating such 'biological information' - as I prefer to call it.

I feel this is a worthy facet to an understanding of seasonal detoxifications that use the lung (and snot and sweat) as a means of elimination. (That is of course my current way of seeing this ;-)

The vit D also comes into seasonality and focus on 'covid' has shown it to be a primary factor in 'susceptibility' and criticality of symptoms.

The harnessing of predictable events by a priesthood seeking to retain control via fear and superstition is an old pattern, but still in use. Much of the covid exercise is  harnessing that people get respiratory disease and that this - or complications arising from this in end of life situations gives the seasonal peak in the distribution of natural deaths - that as far as I know is the pattern of life on Earth.

The study of the external 'causes' or conducive conditions, can only go so far because the receptivity to taking in and replicating the information (RNA etc) is more than merely contact - and that is the realm of 'immunity' or susceptibility - or perhaps the need or functional activation of information because it has a resonant 'fit' to the receiving organism.

The latter is 'health' as true function, rather than as a surviving fragment of 'health-under-threat'.

The latter is as if the fight-flight response is permanently switched on - as a psychic-emotional loop of self-reinforcement. Our broken view of health is one that breaks everything to 'understand' it in terms of prediction and control.

The science that does not fit or serve the dominant or establishment narrative is not given funding or acceptance if it threatens an already active investment of predictive controls. The investment is not in veracity of truth, but in the currently accepted identity. The identity is that which gives us place, fitting, and meaning to the world in which we live our experience. Self-assigned identity operates to fit life and experience to its rules and filters.

I don't know if I can 'save lives', but life we have can be saved from being wasted under mis-identification that runs as 'normal' because no one has truly questioned the basis from which they think. (Fear or the split of mind). I don't believe the 'renewing of our mind' is a reset operating as the destruction of the old.

The idea of redemption is that of bringing in our alloyed, adulterated or false ideas, and having them refined, purified or saved back to the original of their derivation, or undone of error - such as to be refreshed or restored to the qualities of living presence rather than mental derivatives (or derivatives). So while in a sense a 'Reset' is inevitable as a natural cyclic period of compression, the fear of it as retribution or catastrophic is the view from within invested illusions - that are the baggage to be released - freely - in the timing of the recognition they no longer anything that you could want.

Sufficient are such opportunities of the day thereof. 

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