Thursday, 24 September 2020

Presuming to know locks down the mind 

“Generally speaking, there is much we do not understand about this virus and its effect on our bodies. We know it isn’t good. Most all of us believe whatever it is we need to believe, generally speaking”.

The politically correct and fund-attracting 'knowing' that these effects assigned to a virus are directly resulting from it, is  based on assumption.

It would be scientifically correct to acknowledge that there is so much we do not understand about how biology functions as a whole, as well as in its parts in relation to the whole - and even specifically the causes of the symptoms showing in the very tiny percent of those who have the post respiratory infection 'pneumonia-like' complications.

But we know flu vaccinations can modify or disrupt the underlying immune function, as well as good reason to suspect contaminants in such vaccines interacting with the natural response to a coronavirus infection.

Which by the way suggests that such 'infection' is an evolved and belonging functional response to conditions, and not the condition in itself causing effects.

Adequate vit D levels and other simple nutrients along with taking steps against toxic exposure loads would address this 'world stopping problem'. As would enlightened compassionate but firm nursing of the health. Not the sickness.

The covid ID - as a hacked mind in the many, WANTS to attract and weave itself into any and everything to reinforce and validate itself - as if it is You!

One day - (or in an afterlife review) - you look back and wonder how on Earth (or rather in the model running in its name) did you exchange your connected or right mind, for a locked down mind of a one way communication - which is not then communion but programming as bio-machinery. How does a thought 'hijack' its cell, so as to take over all systems and replicate itself?

Perhaps the cell has to repurpose from symbiotic alignment in a whole, to a prison of disconnection.

Anyone can make their own observations, follow their questions and test their theories with regard to honest self-evaluation, so as to release obstructive or taxing baggage and grow in coherent perspective.

But only the technical class of a highly trained  and framed set of perspectives and procedures can claim to dispense 'knowledge' by which the wheels of the world are turned.

Stepping back and looking with new eyes is the last thing that happens if the shock value sets the mind in reaction as a survival issues set in such terms.

If indeed we are in some sort of 'end time' of an epoch or civilisation or similar - then we are arriving at the last thing we are willing to look at by dint of having tried to look everywhere else first.

Curiously the idea that 'something out there is going to get you' is both a threat and a promise. Truth can never leave you, and there is the promise, but feared truth always seems to be trying to break back in and destroy our mask of separating self-isolation, set into rules and conditions for sharing or communication. Fear of Life masks us in fear of death. What death is  - or is not - remains to be uncovered at our 'end-time', but truly opening to life is to open to a timeless quality of knowing that has no 'leverage' or intercourse with a leveraging or manipulative mind. However, in a quality of joy or connected heart and mind, we are moved to endeavour that of itself serves a whole, and is whole. It is not the self-evidence of functional wholeness that needs calling into question, so much as the intent and attempt to leverage or bias it to serve private agenda at expense of the whole. (Which motive arises from doubting or questioning our existence itself and thus exchanging Communication for manipulatable data that seems to have to be managed and controlled for 'self' survival - as the lens through which a Promethean light is projected.


What we learn from this pandemic for the next, which will come,
is to protect the vulnerable and let nature take its course,
not to say physical distance, hygiene, & masks might be used.
How long does it take to ID the vulnerable & who is safe?
In 2009 pandemic, it was the young most vulnerable, not the old.
That was true in the 1918 pandemic, too, wasn’t it?

What exactly are you talking about Dan?

The media pandemic by which corporately 'partnered' governments so over-reacted as to be inconceivably destructive to our way of life... ah - there's the rub - or rather the intent to rub out a way of life.

Normal has been 'cancelled'.

The new conditioning is in progress - 'nudge nudge - know what I mean!'

You clearly believe what you think you need to believe - but I ask you'

What could possibly go right?

Hyped up 'pandemics' are a tool or means of milking, leveraging and reprogramming the fearful, as a cover story over toxic policy and practice, running wilfully blind and self-serving agenda.

Deaths by all causes occur as part of a life in form. Cells that refuse to release back into the whole within their natural or functional part of the whole are called cancerous - as if no longer part OF and one with the host that is now fed upon.

You don’t want to see that almost all of the death you bandy stats on are part of the natural cycle – even if they occurred under unnatural social and political circumstances.
I don’t WANT your idea of ‘protection’ and do not accept and believe your idea of threat and harm. To let Nature take her course is to be in our own nature as aligned purpose. As with the idea of mid-wiving or nursing the health of ourselves and each other. 

But pathological thinking has no room in it for a true Health or wholeness of being alive, here and now, and so translates it as 'risk of disease and death'. As I understand from Malcolm the latter is 100%. But here now - in the moment at hand  and alive I witness 0% risk of death. 

Fear of pain and loss can rob us of the live we have and of it natural and rightful unfoldment AS a humanly lived and shared existence.

Predictive planning has rightful place within the whole, but to lose your Soul for a computer model is set in false premises, following false profits to a false outcome. No amount of force or cunning suggestions will change the premises from which your 'model' operates. It is not your humanity - but while you have human consciousness you have choice. Fear may tell you what to think, but you are the one that chooses to listen.

No - it was not true in 1918 - and there is no truth in your flawed nudgements.

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