Thursday, 24 September 2020

Test the tests and the testers as well as the veracity of what is being tested for 

RT-PCR testing is NOT an antibody test.

It is primed with samples of genetic code supposedly unique to the (supposedly identified) virus it is set to seek for and register a match by a magnification of the results to the 'sweet spot' after which artefacts or noise drown the signal - which can be in our terms infinitesimal - hence NOT a measure of the amount of virus but an indicator of its presence.

It doesn't need a 100% match, and the parameters for how close a match is accepted as a match seem to vary but I have seen 80%.

It has been pointed out the the genetic difference between a human and a chimpanzee is 1%).

As the tests can use different primers, and be run a different number of times and take samples in different ways - perhaps under different procedures of rigorous isolation from contamination, they are THEMSELVES UNTESTED and simply not fit for the purpose they are being used for. A fact made public by one of its Nobel winning inventors and many others.

Yet even if the test was 100% accurate with no noise or error (impossible but I posit to make a point), the 'original code signature' of the virus is a composite of fragments woven back together by computer programs as a recreation of what the virus should look like if one could actually be definitively found and identified and shown to be the cause of disease.

The actual samples - of very very few Wuhan cases - were not so definitively identified, but rather 'located' in a mix of code fragments that could have and surely did contain all kinds of matters - such a broken down cellular debris (that the body of living cells and its agencies recycle and perhaps communicates through).

So there is no gold standard from which to derive reliable currency of fact. But as with the financial sector, there are 'priesthoods' of established elitism that 'look after us'.

The 'discoverers' of the novel thingamajig stated on the study that no proof of cause was claimed - not tested for. Everything you read from the 'magicians' is also a legal document of plausible deniability. That the WHO and media ran off with it so as to 'make' the hapless or 'power hungry' govs  force quit the system to roll out the long prepared regulations by which nothing moves or transacts without permission. At least without incurring loss of credits by which to be starved or squeezed down to compliance or death.

Those higher up the food chain buy a little time perhaps.

Antibody tests have a completely different set of shortcomings. Until HIV, they meant you were at least relatively immune because you'd had it. Now they also mean you are 'infected' regardless your health or freedom from clinical symptoms, vigour and functional integrity. As such you simply cannot be allowed out unless you have an up to date medication and vaccination passport - along with enough carbon credits. Similar variable apply to antibodies - which are NOT the key to immunity - as the T cell findings prove.

Test the tests and the testers as well as the veracity of what is being tested for.

But there is no funding or support for anything true, when the story has to hold up and serve it highly funded and supported purpose.

PS: I have no doubt an immense field of complexity can be thrown at anything anyone says, but if  I have missed or falsely represented anything of significance I remain a willing learner.

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